Wednesday, December 29, 2010

With December came LOTS of Snow

As December comes to a end so is our HUGE piles of snow and ice that are piled up everywhere around us.. We had a very white Christmas here in WV this year.. It used to be the big question wether we would see any snow in the month of December here or not.. Now the big question the last 2 years is-HOW MUCH SNOW will be getting this month.. My daughter missed so much school for snow days last year her school had to resort to Saturday school all spring.. So hoping that in 2011 ole Man Winter will take it easy on us.. We have probably had snow covering our ground for over 2 weeks or longer now.. We got another huge wave of it Christmas Day night into the 26th and some of 27th.. On top of the already ice packed snow we already had I would say we were working on a foot.. hehe.. I think everyone around here is getting just a little bit more used to driving on the snow then they ever have.. ME-naaaaa. I still stay put when the roads are covered.. I dont feel like sliding off the side of a cliff.. lol
My best friend's daughter from Nashville, Lexi, got to stay with us a night this week. I was sooooo glad.. It meant Kandis had a sleigh riding buddy and it wasnt me.. They had a blast.. I didnt even brave it past the door taking pictures-the wind was blowing so hard and U cant really tell but it was POURING the snow at the same time.. burrrr!!!! Of course with sleigh riding comes all the layers of clothes and boots 1st.. hahaThe girls didnt seem to mind the cold-wind-or snow at all.. They braved it outside for over a hour or longer.. Kandis had to show Lexi how safe the BIG hill by our house was before she would make the journey down with her.. BUT after 1 trip down a lone-Lexi joined right in... See-taking pictures from the inside of my house-hehe

And again-I dont think my sweetie minds all this snow and snow days from school..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1 Birthday and 1 Birth

Its been a very busy couple of months here in WV.. Seems like when the November and December months are here I am busy with school stuff. I have not got to scrapbook in months. Planning on catching back up with that here very soon. SO I am falling behind fast.. lol Christmas will be here now in 5 days. We have snow on the ground and more coming down as I speak.. my daughter has enjoyed more then a few snow days off of school already..
Yesterday-December 19, 2010 I became the mother of a teenager.. SO hard to believe that my baby girl turned 13 years old.. I surprised her with a party. We had a houseful of family and friends.. It was the 1st time I have ever pulled something over on her like that.. It is hard when she is soo nosey.. lol I had foil balloons-a birthday cake-decorations-unwrapped birthday gifts-plus all her unwrapped christmas gifts all in my small walk in closest.. I did it though.. She was so happy...A lady we know from Belfry, Ky named Brittany Adkins (!/profile.php?id=1165995814) made us the wonderful cake.. She is now our offical cake maker.. she makes some wonderful cakes.. And they are not just pretty but taste amazing..
My brother has officially made me a AUNT. I have lots of neices of nephews on my husbands side of the family but the only grandchild on our side of the family was my daughter.. We have been blessed with a new baby boy to the Thompson family. He was born on November 30, 2010. His name is Jaydyn James Thompson.. He is the most precious thing I have laid eyes on in 13 years.. hehe.. Me and my family are in baby heaven.. We all keep taking our turns holding him even if sometimes it is just to see him sleep.. ha! He just turns 3 weeks today. He was 7lbs and was 19 inches long. My brother James and his girlfriend, Kim are totally in love with this little handsome fella.. So we have got the best gift ever for Christmas this year-a new baby to love ...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

in the beginning

Me and my hubby the 1st few years after being married-in the late 90's-of course U can tell by my poofy-curly hair...
I just got this paper not long ago. It is a new pack not out too long I dont think by Tim Holtz. It is sooo pretty and 2 sided. SO this is just 2 peices and I used the front and backs of both sheets. I did all my journaling on strips. I just added a few flowers-gems-and gems clusters and that's it..
Time has flown by over the last 13 and 1/2 years!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

tinkle tinkle little star

I pulled this picture WAY out of my oldies to do this page.. This is me and my daughter in 1999. She was just 2 years old or getting ready to be 2.. Recently I pulled out some of videos of Kandis when she was little and I had forgot how much I would get her to sing to the camera.. It didnt seem to matter when and how much I turned it on to her-she always sung-"tinkle tinkle little star" more like wittle star I think.. I love this title-Now I can always be reminded of her sweet song ..
This was a 5X7 I cut down a little bit. I used Wendy's Easy Star Template once again by Hot Off the Press.. I got that great ribbon at Big Lots for $1 for a huge roll. I used some different thickers I had for the title. A little ribbon at the top with a few of my mini Tim Holtz staples in it.. I had a few star brads i used. I had that journaling card I threw in for all my journaling. Then I had a huge pack of designed strips that I added up the side..
I love the older pictures scrapbooked-I want to forever remember these times!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Fun

Great scrapbook page of my daughter and her friends last December 19, 2009 on my daughter's 12th birthday.. We got a little snowed in on her birthday with no electric and had to change her ice skating birthday party into a snow sleigh riding party.. hehe.. I have soo many pictures from this great weekend.. SO I really liked this page becuz it gave me a way to post a lot of pictures..
I just got this new template called Easy Scalloped Frames by Hot Off the Press-I bought the template at Hobby Lobby.. I am in love with templates.. SO anytime I can find a cool new one like this I jump right on it.. SO it was very easy to make the shapes just perfect by tracing them out with the template.. I made the big scalloped frame with the template too.. I did all my journaling around the inside of the frame-one of my favorite ways to journal.. If U have this template U can whip this page out in no time.. I am sure I am gonna use it a whole LOT!!!

So Happy Together

Nothing at all hard to this page IF u have my friends- Easy Star Template by Hot Off the Press. I use this template soo much-thank U Wendy Baisden.. It is my favorite template. My sister in law took this picture of my family last fall 2009. I got a great punch at Big Lots that did my little flag like thing up the side of the picture.. I layered a few sheets of paper and that was it.. It turned out really nice.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So Tweet

How cute are these wittle birds and this tree.. Me and my cousin, Steff found this page in scrapbooking magazine or on my computer where I had saved it as a must do page. I wanted to make it sooo bad.. We didnt have any patterns for the birds or the tree-so Steff free handed both. She did a awesome job.. We did the tree tunk in brown and just added scrap sheets of paper to it.. BUT the birds are just so stinkin cute.. i love them-I wish I had made me a copy of the stencil we used so I can use it again!! lol.
These are pictures of my baby Girl-Kandis Faye and my mom-aka-Grandma. These were taken in Dec 1997 and Jan 1998-shortly after Kandis was born. Priceless pictures to me!!!
Also this page was picked as a featured page on Scrapbooking Challenges this week!! Woot Woot. That makes 2 weeks in a row for me with my new pages. I was so excited to see this page up there on Monday!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Fall Angel

A cute Fall page that me and my cousin, Steff, done a couple weeks ago-Again while I was visiting in Michigan.. I am in love with all these fall colors.. I wasn't too big on the whole leaves to the side at 1st, because I had gotten new HUGE brown flowers that I thought would go perfect there but this seems to have worked perfect-Thanks Steff for pushing me there.. hehe.. I got that awesome cloth lace at a flea market.. I am just now starting to really dig into all the great goodies I got back in Feb at this awesome flea market that me and Wendy hit when we were in Lousiville at CKC this year. My butterflies and jewels were from CKC. I printed my letters from a cricket. Then I stickled them. I rounded all my corners and ta da!!!! My scanner program didnt do the best job on this page but still looking better then a normal picture taken..

I am off for a busy week-end of Volleyball tournaments with my daughter and her team a couple hours away from home. We are staying all night tomorrow.. So I will have some more awesome pictures of my little #1 Eagle Volleyball Player to scrap after this week-end. Hope everyone has a awesome weekend!!!! Fall is surely HERE!!!!

6th Grade

I love how this page turned out. These bottom 2 pictures are my daughter's school pictures from last year. Then the top one is a picture I had made last year during school.. SO I put this page in her school album I do for each grade. This is actually only one of the designed ovals BUT if u try and cut it the way it looks on the paper it will NOT work.. Sooo but using the pattern paper there U can cover up how U made it. hehe.. Me and my cousin Steff had to really sit and think how we were gonna get the other half of the design to work up there -lol.. I had got that ribbon at a flea market back in Feb of this year. I just got that clock at Hobby Lobby while I was in Michigan half off-It is made by Spare Parts. I also got my brown flowers on sale too that day at Hobby Lobby-also made by Spare Parts. All their Spare Parts embellies were half off that week.. Kandis just took school pictures yesterday for 7th grade-and she wore PINK this year for a change.. Her last 3 school pictures she has wore blue for some reason. SO I am stoked to get those-hehe I love to use pink scrapbook paper-LOL

Thursday, September 30, 2010

WV University Day

This is a page I have worked on for over a month-I just finished it when I was in Michigan. I seen a layout similar to this a long time ago and knew this would be perfect for this once I got this HOT OFF THE PRESS Easy Star Template made by my friend Wendy Baisden. I made all the stars with the template with scrap paper I had. I used my Cricket to cut out my letters. I did ink the outside of the white paper but when I scanned it U can not see it all. I love to scrapbook on plain white paper. I love how clean it looks with all the colors. The rest of this is just self explanatory. Hope this would be a easy page for someone to lift... I know I gotta make this page for my daughter's teacher's book I made her last year. She is a WV University crazy.. hehe..


It's been a few months since I have posted anything or scrapbooked.. I guess with us enjoying the end of summer-and then school starting and volleyball for my daughter-things got busy.. BUT I got to go to Michigan last week to my cousin's house, Steffany, and we did 9 pages while I was there.. SO I finally have some new pages to post. So here is one of the 1st ones I will share.
This is a picture that my sister in law took of Kandis last October-2009. Almost all of this paper came out of a pack of paper called Rock Star-I just cant remember who it is by-oops!! It wasnt my pad of paper-hehe. It was so easy-Just a matter of putting paper on there with the pictures-and rounding all the corners. We added it all to a white sheet of paper-then matted it onto a peice of designed black and white sheet. I got that great 2 sided colorful ribbon at Big Lots last week. I have used it on so many pages already.. Then I used my Tim Holtz mini Stapler to keep it down. I found those buttons at Hobby Lobby-half off by Spare Parts last week. I had gotten my jeweled DAUGHTER on clearance rack awhile back at Michaels for hardly nothing. Then I had to add more jewels of course. I got those black bursts at CKC one time. Then just added a few flowers. It was our 1st page and I think it was one of my top favs of the week!!! The black and white picture makes the page for sure too...
I will post more in the next few days. SO come back-thanks

Friday, July 23, 2010

Your Fans

One more page I did with my friends about a week ago.. I had a little bit more to finish of this one by myself at home. This is My family at my daughter's County Reading Festival.. She won 1st place out of her school and got to represent her school in the County Festival.. The County Festival wasnt a contest-it was more of just a showing of the best of each school and they all got big trophy's. SO me-My parents, my brother-and his girlfriend-and Kandis' boyfriend all came to watch her perform. She is such a drama queen. SO this is her favorite thing to do-perform for everyone..
The bird on here we cut out with cuttlebug-we used a doolie for the while piece on the bottom-just a paper one. I did my journaling on a card-I actually copied the card since I only had 1=incase I want to use it again one day. Then I used journaling strips for the names on the side.. My friend gave me the big peachy flower-she had tons of these that she had bought in packages at the GoodWill. Who would of thought huh-lol. The cream ribbon down the side is a piece of ribbon I got a Louisville or Charlotte CKC. We all used a piece of ruler ribbon on the top-then we each picked a strip of something to lay above it-i picked the stars and inked them all up. I got my tiny blue butterfly at Louisville CKC. I love them. I used some orange stickers for my title. Then just used a piece of patterned paper that was in this huge My Minds Eye pack that matched my background paper.. They both were out of the same pack-inked them all up...
This was my favorite page of the 4 I made with my friends that day!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ignore my background and header-lol

Ok So some of U may have gotten the same note as me on the top of your blog tonight-Your background will be deleted by Fri 23-if not removed.. SO I am trying to change mine up.. I found a background I liked-but I can not seem to find any backgrounds that have matching headers-ugh!!! This header would even be ok-If I could fix it up and add a scrapbook page to it or something.. but I am not digging it-haha.. SO for now-just ignore it.. I love the summer swimsuits though-hehe.. Oh how I wish summer had 3 more months to go=-and June was starting over.. school will be starting in a month and oh how I ate to see it all come to a end-oh well I am rambling now.. ta ta!!!

a day with HILLBILLIES in Pikeville

Here is a 2 page layout I did on Monday. I love to do 2 page layouts-becuz' I get so many pictures on them, and everyone knows that I take a lot of pictures of every occasion. My daughter went to a pool party with some friends Monday so after I dropped her off me and Wendy did this page.. This is a lot of pictures from April 2010-at the 37th Annual Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, Ky. It takes us about 30 minutes to get there. It is just like a big fair/craft thing. Tons and tons and tons of food-soo many rides-then crafts and other stuff to purchase.. This made me and my daughters 1st time there.. My Mom had not ever went either.. SO she went with us and we took my daughter's lil boyfriend-then Wendy and her son were already there when we got there. Then my brother's girlfriend went with us too.. The kids rode rides for a couple of hours. It was so hot-me and Kim sat under shaded tree in a park and ate yummy food and listened to bluegrass music(which I hate by the way). hehe
We cut several circles out from the paper and put patterned paper behind it-like the stars & flowers- U buy that in 12X12 sheets. Then we just randomly places circle pictures about the pages. I did all my journaling around each of the circles-just explaining everything we did-ate-and bought that day.hehe.. This will be a great 2 page layout for my daughter to look back on one day-and remember this day by.. We got the idea out of a recent scrapbook magazine we had got. I forget which one though..
Here is one of the hillbilly trucks that was riding around the town that day.. Later in the day they had a huge parade.. I would of luved to have seen that.. I can imagine how funny it was..
Ok-I scrapbooked the top half of this on my page-but I think U need to see the whole picture to see the panties.. I wanted to get a picture of the guys.. Well he said ok can someone hold your water and take your camera-we want u in it. I say yea-so he reaches in his pocket and pulls out this big bloomers-and says get in-we are all dying laughing.. My legs are about the color of paper-haha.. This is just sooo funny..
This is my Mom coming down the house of mirrors.. Holding someone's yummy lemonade.. Everybody went in and they didnt realize u had to ride the slide to get down. It was soo funny-the slide was sooo slick-they would about fall when they got to the bottom-haha
Here is me-Wendy-Kandis-and Cory.
This is Kandis and her marshmellow gun she bought... and she was shooting me like crazy before we could even leave that place-haha. It is just made out of pipes and painted-LOL
Most people go to Hillbilly Days for the food.. Wendy bought these potatoes that were fried-they were almost like potato chips or something.. She was sharing with us all.. Mom and Mikey were enjoying. My favorite thing besides the homemade lemonade was my funnel cake.. I love them.. Me-Kandis-Cory-Kim all sat in the park and pigged out with them.. hehe

Hope U enjoyed my page and a few pictures!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hands UP!!

Here is another page I made with my friends the other night when we all go together to scrapbook. We used Wendy's new Hot Off the Press-Easy Stars Template to make the stars on page.. These pictures are of Kandis, her boyfriend Cory, and Wendy's son Mikey on the scrambler at Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, Ky.. Mikey is the tiny one beside Kandis that U can barely see his head and then just barely see his hands in the next picture.
Super simple page if u get your hands on the Easy Star Template coming out very soon!! hehe
Be watching at your local scrapbook stores-lol.

Friends-Homecoming 2010

My daughter and her best friends at the Homecoming Dance-March 2010. This is Kandis -n-Cory with her. Then Kandis very best friend-Rissa and her date-Trevor.. I made this page along with some of my friends the other night when we all got together and cropped.. We all did this page-but of course by the time we got it done-they all looked different..
We again used my friend, Wendy Baisden's NEW Hot Off the Press-Easy Stars Template for our stars. We layered tons of paper. I added a few journaling strips to mine. Then some chipboard letter stickers. I had to ink everything I had tonight for some reason?? hehe Then I distressed all my layered paper. We punched out some circles to make the yellow circle around the whole page. Then I just added me some jewels to make it pretty.. Very bright and fun page!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daddy & Me

I got to do some scrapbooking with some of my friends last night.. It was really fun!! There was 6 of us crammed into my friends scrapbook room-hehe.. We all did the same pages-I think they were speed scrapping-becuz in less then 4 hours we did 4 pages.. Way more then I could ever do by myself.. I was still not finished with the pages when I left.. Still putting my own little touches on them here at my house.. One of the girls has having a hard time with all the laying we were doing with a bunch of different pattern paper-so we were picking pages to do out of a magazine(just scraplifting)-hehe.. So Connie picked this page to do-Notice there is only 1 piece of pattern paper on this one-HA!!! She was so funny!!! She was stressed out all night over all that pattern paper.. If she scrapbooks very long with us though-she will be piling that pattern paper all on top of each other!!!
This is a page of my girl and my husband in March of this year. Kandis got 6th grade homecoming attendant -and her Daddy escorted her out onto the floor during the Court.. I love this.. We went and got Daddy a cute lil gold shirt and matching tie and shirt to match Kandis.. I love the way he had his arm around her.. I love when they walk out onto the floor when they anounce her name-and her Daddy is beside her holding her arm-Makes me sooo proud. I can see how proud he is too!!!
Super simple page-I used a 5X7-a strip of pattern paper-a piece of ribbon and a piece of lace on the bottom... I cute cream piece of rick rack and a green flower and this cute big bling for the middle ( that Connie gave me) -I need some big bling like that!!!! Used some big cardstock stickers for my letters-a stamp for my journaling. I journaled up the side of the picture. Then finally one patterned corner piece.. Anyone could whip this up in NO TIME!!! try it out

Friday, July 16, 2010


Love this page... IT has to be one of my new favorites.. I have to thank my friend Wendy for almost all of it.. Even though I scrapbooked it myself at home.. She took this picture of Kandis in October 2009-during Volleyball season for us of Kandis.. Then she gave me one of her new Hot Off the Press -Easy Star templates that she designed.. SO far she has designed she 3 templates for Hot Off the Press and this is the Newest and Most recent that is going to be released.. I am not sure if it out or not yet-this just may be a sneak preview..hehe.. If it isnt on shelves yet-it will be very soon.. Sooo be looking now-It is my favorite soo far.. She has also designed the Scrapbook Spinner & Butterflies and Dragonflies both by Hot Off the Press.. U can find those now.. SO I was excited and wanted to share my page tonight.. Since I havent had any new pages on here in awhile.. Hope U like it as much as I do...
Check Wendy's blog out too-

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Puggles

Our Beagle dog, Sassy, had 6 new babies on June 23.. My daughter has been sooo excited and waiting all summer for these.. We were so excited when she had 6. She didn't have normal Beagle puppies though-she had Puggles.. If U have never heard of a Puggle, it is mix breed between a Beagle breed and a Pug dog.. So our red and brown Beagle was breed with my cousin Mark's Pug, Jay Bo, which is solid black.. There are 5 boys and 1 girl in the litter. The girl is black-then 2 more black boys and 2 brown and black boy ones.. These puppies are the cuttiest things ever.. Of course-all puppies are-haha.

A Puggle is a short-haired, with a wrinkly face and a stocky body. They have a short nose, and a slender body, like beagles. Puggles average about 20 pounds and stand not taller than 15 inches (38.1 cm) at the shoulder. One of the biggest benefits of a Puggle is the fact that their noses are not as flat as a Pug's, so they do better in hot weather, and have less breathing problems.

The picture above is the day the puppies were born-June 23, 2010.. They are 16 days old today.

Here Kandis is holding one of the brown and black babies just born.. They were sooo tiny..
Here is Sassy, their Momma, and her puppies on July 13.. They were only 10 days old.. They still had their eyes shut but it didnt stop a few of them from finding their Mommy... Sassy is sooo good with them...

Here are all the puppies snuggled up-10 days old.. It was July 3rd, 2010.

These pictures were taken today, July 9, 2010.. This is Kandis' pick of the litter.. She is gonna keep this lil boy. She has named him Tank.. She brought him inside to visit for a few minutes today.. He liked it as much as we did-lol He is the biggest out of the bunch... All the puppies eye's opened the other day.. so now they are even cuttier-haha.. If that can even happen..

Tank found a comfy spot on my lap.. He fits in the palm of my hand.. awww

Then he decided he loved this spot on my chest even more.. U just cant resist a puppy...
So we are gonna sell the other 5 puppies for $150 each.. That is not a bad price either.. They will have been wormed and be up to date on their shots when anyone gets them. I have been looking online too and they sell anywhere from $300-$750.. WOW... If you want one and live close to me-let me know.. hehe

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th

My all American Girl.. Kandis was all smiles for me yesterday-on the 4th.
Hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July week-end.. Probably most people that work have today off too. SO if u do-hope U are enjoying a extra day of relaxing... I had a great week-end. Full of Family-Food-Fireworks and pool. We have had 100 degree weather here for days in WV. It doesnt look like a cool down anytime soon. So if U are out no better way to kill the heat then a dunk in the pool. Here are some photos of our holiday week-end.
Cute rock that my Kandis painted for her Papaw and Grandma.. It looks really pretty sitting in their flower bed..

This is my Daddy and his brother Ralph(my Uncle Ralph) playing basketball with my lil cousin Kaden. My Dad and Uncle just put our basketball rim back up in the last few days. It has been down since last May when we got flooded really bad..
This is my 1st cousin Jeffrey (Kaden's daddy) and my daughter Kandis.. Oh what goofs they are when they get together... They must always be daredevils at the pool-hehe Here they are diving - when Kandis was attached to Jeffrey's shoulders-haha
Here is a few of my family at my Uncle Paul's house getting ready to watch some fireworks.. We had a great time-only had 1 big scare when one of the BIG fireworks turned over and came popping right at the porch.. haha The porch cleared really fast.. No injuries-just a lot of laughs.. hehe
Kandis and her Daddy-My sweeties. My hubby has not felt good for days.. poor fella.
Here is Kandis with her favorite thing-LONG sparklers.. These things are the best-and are soo much better then the normal-short ones-no fear of burning yourself with these things!!
These are fun too. I wouldnt let Kandis do these last year.. U just hold then and they shoot out big fire cracker things.. So of course she had to pose for the camera-lol

Then watching all the fireworks was fun too..

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did.. Hope everyone had enough hamburgers and hotdogs and watermelon too-hehe..

Monday, June 28, 2010

July 4-2009-FUN

It's been a yucky day here in WV... Not the way u want to start out a Monday... I had to take my daughter to the dr's office this morning.. She has swimmers ear.. Yep-never fails-she gets it every year.. My parents have a inground pool-and we live 10 ft from it-lol... So no underwater swimming for her for a few days. I got wax earplugs for her too-I am sure that will not last long though.. We had a huge huge thunderstorm while we were waiting on her meds to get filled-we were in Walmart-WOW!!! It was awful.. It looked like a hurricane outside and sounded like it inside walmart.. We got home and had no electric for about 3 or 4 more hours.. Then our cabel and internet didnt come on for 3 more hours.. soooo.. not the way I wanted to spend my Monday-haha.. I really wanted to be laying on a float in the pool-ha... SO with no cable or tv-I made a layout.. I got the idea out of a new creating keepsake book.. This is last 4th of July-2009. This is my Mom-Me and my cousin from Michigan, Brian-my daughter and my step son, Clayton.. We had a blast with the sparklers as U can tell.. haha..
I cut my pictures into 3 inchs x 2 and 3/4.. so they would fit like that.. I matted them on a white piece of cardstock.. Then I matted that on a piece of red/blue star paper.. I just cut me a strip of white and taped it down.. And had this flag ribbon I used.. I used thickers for my letters. I had those cute Jolee's by You I had gotten at Big Lots for $1.25.. Then added a few star brads. It was a super fast page....
SO my cable is back on and I have lots to look at now.. SO hope u like-hehe

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I scrapbooked a few older pictures here. These pictures are from Thanksgiving 2008. This is my Mom and Dad(aka Grandma & Papaw), me and my husband(Roger), and my daughter(Kandis). We are at her school for the annual Thanksgiving dinner. She was so blessed that it worked out that everyone got to come this year..
This page was just a lot of layering paper and some ripping of the paper with some inking of course.. lol I ripped off the top of my pictures. I just a piece of ribbon to go across the page with a chipboard embell I had.. The Thankful letters are some chipboard stickers. My Autumn and my leaves are some wire embellies I had from way back. I did my journaling around the bottom of the paper .. For some reason I am thinking it needs something else-but I can not figure out what.. I have stuck stuff there to see if it looked right and it doesnt-SO if u have any suggestions-let me know-Pleeeeeeze!!! lol