Thursday, October 7, 2010

6th Grade

I love how this page turned out. These bottom 2 pictures are my daughter's school pictures from last year. Then the top one is a picture I had made last year during school.. SO I put this page in her school album I do for each grade. This is actually only one of the designed ovals BUT if u try and cut it the way it looks on the paper it will NOT work.. Sooo but using the pattern paper there U can cover up how U made it. hehe.. Me and my cousin Steff had to really sit and think how we were gonna get the other half of the design to work up there -lol.. I had got that ribbon at a flea market back in Feb of this year. I just got that clock at Hobby Lobby while I was in Michigan half off-It is made by Spare Parts. I also got my brown flowers on sale too that day at Hobby Lobby-also made by Spare Parts. All their Spare Parts embellies were half off that week.. Kandis just took school pictures yesterday for 7th grade-and she wore PINK this year for a change.. Her last 3 school pictures she has wore blue for some reason. SO I am stoked to get those-hehe I love to use pink scrapbook paper-LOL

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