Monday, October 18, 2010

tinkle tinkle little star

I pulled this picture WAY out of my oldies to do this page.. This is me and my daughter in 1999. She was just 2 years old or getting ready to be 2.. Recently I pulled out some of videos of Kandis when she was little and I had forgot how much I would get her to sing to the camera.. It didnt seem to matter when and how much I turned it on to her-she always sung-"tinkle tinkle little star" more like wittle star I think.. I love this title-Now I can always be reminded of her sweet song ..
This was a 5X7 I cut down a little bit. I used Wendy's Easy Star Template once again by Hot Off the Press.. I got that great ribbon at Big Lots for $1 for a huge roll. I used some different thickers I had for the title. A little ribbon at the top with a few of my mini Tim Holtz staples in it.. I had a few star brads i used. I had that journaling card I threw in for all my journaling. Then I had a huge pack of designed strips that I added up the side..
I love the older pictures scrapbooked-I want to forever remember these times!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly. Old photos are precious hey. Love what you did with this as I find its hard to scrap "young vintage" photos. (not forgetting how embarrassing they are at times)
Nice Job :)
Love the new look blog too - neat!