Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th

My all American Girl.. Kandis was all smiles for me yesterday-on the 4th.
Hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July week-end.. Probably most people that work have today off too. SO if u do-hope U are enjoying a extra day of relaxing... I had a great week-end. Full of Family-Food-Fireworks and pool. We have had 100 degree weather here for days in WV. It doesnt look like a cool down anytime soon. So if U are out no better way to kill the heat then a dunk in the pool. Here are some photos of our holiday week-end.
Cute rock that my Kandis painted for her Papaw and Grandma.. It looks really pretty sitting in their flower bed..

This is my Daddy and his brother Ralph(my Uncle Ralph) playing basketball with my lil cousin Kaden. My Dad and Uncle just put our basketball rim back up in the last few days. It has been down since last May when we got flooded really bad..
This is my 1st cousin Jeffrey (Kaden's daddy) and my daughter Kandis.. Oh what goofs they are when they get together... They must always be daredevils at the pool-hehe Here they are diving - when Kandis was attached to Jeffrey's shoulders-haha
Here is a few of my family at my Uncle Paul's house getting ready to watch some fireworks.. We had a great time-only had 1 big scare when one of the BIG fireworks turned over and came popping right at the porch.. haha The porch cleared really fast.. No injuries-just a lot of laughs.. hehe
Kandis and her Daddy-My sweeties. My hubby has not felt good for days.. poor fella.
Here is Kandis with her favorite thing-LONG sparklers.. These things are the best-and are soo much better then the normal-short ones-no fear of burning yourself with these things!!
These are fun too. I wouldnt let Kandis do these last year.. U just hold then and they shoot out big fire cracker things.. So of course she had to pose for the camera-lol

Then watching all the fireworks was fun too..

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did.. Hope everyone had enough hamburgers and hotdogs and watermelon too-hehe..

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