Sunday, November 27, 2011


a page I started on the beginning of last week and just finished tonight.. this is my very best friend from childhood-Jennifer and her daughter Lexi with me and my daughter -Kandis.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brand New

I guess I am n a SHAPE mode lately. .. It is either all stars or all circles-hehe. Here is another page of my little nephew Jaydyn James and my daugher Kandis.. For some reason my scanning program was going nuttos trying to scan this-i think all the circles was throwing it off so I just took a picture of it with my cell phone, which does not do it justice at all.. Lots and lots of layering on this page. I made a circle for the green and brown polka paper-and then half a circle for the white and polka dot paper next laying on that.. Layers some paper with some designs on the egdes that I cut out.. I sure need some edge punches-hehe.. THen just cut out circles for the bottoms.. All this paper was from 1 single pad which I do NOT have the name of-me and my friend halfed it up and shared it.. I did my journaling on the green strips. My brand is stickers and my NEW is cricut letters. Then my little baby is a jolee emblessishment.. I put it all on brown paper and then trimmed a inch off the brown paper and put it on white.. Super sweet page of my super sweet sweeties!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nik Nik

Simple page after I cut out the pink page.. I like that there isnt too much on this.. This is my little Nik Nik who is not so little enough anymore... Big enough to get married.. She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. The lite pink dress she wore at her reception-it was amazing. I pulled out my decorative scissors to make the design around my little circle. I had not used those in so long. I love the white flowers on the white paper.. Simple but elegant page!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day-2011

Kandis was having a Veteran's Day program at school today.. SO she wore some of her Daddy's Marine clothes from back in the day.. He was in the Marine's from 1989-1996. I thought she looked pretty cute!!

Showing off the stripes!

Last night-Roger and Kandis played dress up in some of Roger's Marine Uniforms.. I bet not many Marine's can still wear their blues after being out of the military for 15 years.. My guy had it going on.. This picture is so sweet!!

Kandis Faye in one of the uniforms posing for Mom!

Kandis being a little silly

How precious! Roger showing Kandis how to salute!

My heart!

My man looks GOOD in a UNIFORM!

My Marine Veteran! SO Proud of him. I love him so much!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Marine!!

My Marine celebrated his birthday today.. along with all his other brothers. He is getting pretty old but he looks great to be over 200 years old-hehe.. They celebrate 236 years today.. November 10 is a very special day to my man.. He was in the Marine Corps for 7 years before I meet him.. BUT let me say it is a thing that will be a part of him for the rest of his life!! Even though I was never a MARINE wife - I feel like I am a little..
This top page is part of a scrapbook page I did for Roger years and years and years ago when I 1st started scrapbooking.. I would never ever share the page-haha.. It is so bad.. I made Roger a whole book about his Marine Corp days with his friends.. Oh how I need to go back and redo the whole book now.. If only we all used digital cameras back then and I could get those pictures back I used.. shew!!!!

I did this page a few years ago.. It's a good page.. well good enough to share..

I am so proud of who Roger was and is still .. Him and my daughter did some modeling for me-kinda played dress up in his military uniforms.. I will post some of them tomorrow.. I can feel some pages coming on soon-hehe..

Happy Birthday Honey -and to all Marines..

Happy Veterans Day tomorrow to all men serving and all vets who have served.. I am so thank-ful to live in a FREE country. I am very proud to be a AMERICAN!!!!

Friends Forever

My best friend and cousin from Michigan, Steff and me goofin off at my house here in WV.. My daughter had my camera and caught some awesome pictures of us.. I loved the way they turned out and loved the way my page turned out.. Hope U do too!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Having a Ball

Another volleyball page of my girl!! I wanted to do a page of her without the "school colors" like I usually do.. i love all the pastels on this.. I am loving all the little flag banners lately. I think I could put them on every page I do-ha!! I had got a great steal on a flag punch at Big Lots and I have so misplaced it my scrapbooking room somewhere. I guess that means it's time to clean it up really good again. I have looked and looked and it is no where to be found.. Maybe it is hiding under one of my huge piles of STUFF-haha..I like how the title on this is different stickers and then I used my cricut for the BALL .. I again did some hand journaling.. SOmthing I am into right now.. Happy Scrapping !!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 RCS Volleyball Season-8th Grade

I got the proofs for my daughter's volleyball pictures today... OH I love them soo much!!! One of my very best friends did the pictures this year and last-Jenelle. She owns Limelight Photography. U can see more of her work at!/pages/Limelight-Photography-by-J-Martin/128208880550739 .
The group shot looks amazing!! I love these girls!!!

Another season has come and gone.. It will be sad next year - we are loosing 3 seniors after this year.. It has been a great year though.. Looking forward to 2012 now..

New Addition

Our family got a new addition last November 30, 2011-my little nephew-Jaydyn James Thompson. Here he is at my daughter's 13th birthday party with my Mom and Dad-aka-Grandma and Papaw. He was only 3 weeks old. His very 1st birthday party. He will be turning 1 year old in a couple weeks. I got this pack of boy paper just to make pages of him-hehe.. I haven't done very many boy pages. I cut out my NEW ADDITION on my graphically speaking cartridge. I rounded the corners on the paper-put a piece of ribbon down-cut out sme hearts-matted the picture-and put a few odd pieces of jewel clusters I had left down. I did all my journaling on strips. So simple but so sweet to me.
Hope everyone has a GREAT Weekend!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

13th Birthday

I got this sketch from somewhere I just dont remember where.. I love how it turned out for me.. I am all about scrapping on white or cream paper.. i love the look of it. This is Kandis last December on her 13th birthday. She will soon be 14-makes my heart hurt.. My paper is from K&Company. I have been trying to hand write all my journaling lately-just so my hand writing will be on my pages for Kandis one day.. I know how much it means to me to find something that my grandma Thompson wrote before she passed.. SO I figured one day when I am long gone -maybe someone will feel the same way about me-hehe..
I am on a roll-i think this makes 2 or 3 pages the last 3 days-haha..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sing It

Kandis last year at School-in 7th grade-singing at a program they were invited too. I think it was a Veterans Day Program maybe. She sung a song. She loves to sing-I love to hear and watch her sing for the Lord-she puts her whole heart and sould into it.. She loves the Lord so much. Simple page I scraplifted off another blog tonight.. I changed it up a little..Nothing hard about this.. Hope U like it!

Stars all Around

I love this new green and black page!! That is me cheering this time last year-2010 at a Alumni football game they had at my old school.. My school closed this year-and combined with a BIG NICE new High School with 3 of the other surrounding High Schools in this area.. So they did a tribute to all the alumni at the football game and let us actually CHEER the entire football game just like in the OLD days-haha.. It will be 20 years this May since I graduated High School. I think I did pretty good.. I know I had a blast and I am so glad I participated. These girls with me n the bottom picture are a few of the girls from the years I cheered.. Oh what awesome times we used to have-and what a great time we had that night..
So I had done this page before for my daughter - for her volleyball.. I had remembered I had bought some of the paper from my High School before a local scrapbooking store went out of business and was dying to try it out with MY COLORS!! I think it turned out great.. I used Wendy Baisden's - Easy Star template-by Hot Off the Press for all my stars! Then just layered lots of paper.. I had another template that I could use for the placement of my gems. I did all my journaling on the computer. I inked everything up and taped it all down. This isnt the page I did for my daughter, BUT this is the exact same page I did for Kandis just went different pictures.. I did this page a few weeks ago for 3 of the seniors on my daughters volleyball team at school. We had a senior night at one of the games and I made this page for each of the girls and we put it in a 12X12 frame for them.. I hope they liked it?!?

Friday, October 28, 2011

8th Grade

My little #1 Volleyball player is going on her 4th year on the Varsity Volleyball team at her school.. She goes to a Christian school and we dont have enough girls for a JV team so there for-she gets to play with the BIG girls.. Which hasnt hampered any of her play time.. She is a starter... For the last 2 years now. She keeps improving even more each each. I can only imagine how awesome she is gonna be by the time she gets in 10th and 11th grade-and she is GOOD already-haha..
SO all my time has been with her and on volleyball for the last 2 months.. Volleyball games and practice non-stop.. Starting to get some time in to scrapbook some of the billion pictures I have taken over the last few months.. This is just a few.
This page is so simple I am not even gonna explain anything .. I had that paper that had Regional Christian on the side of it and it just worked out for me perfect there.. Now that I sit and stare at this I am thinking I am gonna put her name up the side of the picture of U can never have too much-haha..
I got a few more new pages I will post in the next few days.. I have been scrapbooking a lot-just for others and not for myself-making some books for some people. Just isnt as fun as making them for myself-hehe..
Hope everyone has a happy TGIF!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

deep fried Oreos

My cousins Daniel & Lauren have been here all week. So I didnt do any scrapbooking.. I laid in my Mom & Dad's swimming pool all day-and played Rook in the evenings with my family.

My Daughter, Kandis, has been begging for me to make deep fried Oreos. I hadn't made them at home before but helped make them at a church thing we had for the youth once. There is nothing too it.. So I got all the stuff while out one day and cleaned out the ole deep fryer(which I had not used in I bet over 8 or more years). All U need is clean Oil , deep fryer, oreos, and pancake mix, and powered sugar.

Kandis was all smiles ready . Lauren was just a little scared at what we were creating-hehe
All U do is completely dip the oreos in the pancake mix-and then drop them in the HOT oil.. They do not take too long to make.. BUT u wanna make sure they get dark on one side-then u flip it over...I dipped the oreos in the batter, and Lauren took are of the flipping and getting the Oreos out!! lol
TA DA!! yummy deep fried Oreos.. They are soo yummy HOT.. BUT dont burn your tongue!! hehe
The oreo gets all soft & it is soo yum yum!! BUT very rich-I can not handle more then 2 at one time. BUT Kandis seem to be fine with 5. shew!!

We even tried our hand at a funnel cake with the left over pancake mix. I put all the batter in zip lock back and cut a hole in it. Then I poured it really fast.. IT was really really good.. I think me and Lauren liked the funnel cake even better then the deep fried oreos-haha.. I am gonna look for me a YUMMY recipe for the batter for funnel cakes!! lol

It was a yummy night-but I think we all almost went into a sugar coma afterwards-hehe

Friday, July 22, 2011

You & Me

Sweet page of me and my daughter over the years. I used my favorite color-purple and her favorite color-pink on the page. I hand stitched around the outside of the circle. Super simple page. BUT turned out really pretty!
Happy TGIF!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

you spin me...

I am in love with this picture of my Husband, Roger, and my Daughter, Kandis.. They are always the biggest goofs. I do love it.. I love the way they look at each other with those silly grins.. So I knew what I wanted to do with this picture. I had seen a page like this similar in a scrapbooking magazine years ago -and held on to it knowing I would one day find the perfect picture-and I finally got it.. This is at Kandis' Homecoming this year-March 2011.
I used (well I traced) my Technique Tuesday stuff for the cicles.. Cuz i am so not that good.. Then cut my letters out on my cricut. My font is Lyrical Letters. Then just added lots of embellishments everywhere after that. Super easy if u have the Technique Tuesday things, and if U don't-U SHOULD!!! lol I am addicted to all their stuff!!! haha.
Have a AWESOME DAY everyone..
I hope to do another page and celebrate my Mom's birthday with her today!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cedar Point-Memories

I felt like I was falling off the wagon again. I had not scrapbooked a page in way over a week. Something I didnt want to fall in a habit of doing again.. SO I made myself sit down and do a page this evening.. I missed a couple of my favorite shows I like to watch even to scrapbook-lol.. Oh well-who cares about tv when u can make memories down on paper huh?
This page brings back a lot of memories to me - this brings me back to a vacation I had with my parents, brother, and Kandis back in the Summer of 2008 to Lake Erie & Cedar Point. This was one of the crazy pictures U buy after the ride is over.. In the 1st 2 seats are my Brother and my Mom-then me and Kandis are behind them.. This is the Maverick at Cedar Point. IT was late and dark when we rode this and we could not see a thing-which made it even funnier. We had no idea what was gonna happen next -it looped around curves, turned us upside down, and then slowed us to a complete stop at 1 point and took back off from 0 to who knows like 50 or 60 mph or more in so many seconds. It was a blast. It was my Mom's favorite ride of the entire day. I am glad it was cuz we had to wait a long time in line-haha..
I am in LOVE with this paper pack I used for this whole layout.. It is called URBAN RHAPSODY by K&Company. I bought it at Hobby Lobby.. It is double sided and it is just beautiful. I used my Cricut to cut out my letters and my word-MEMORIES(it was on Graphically speaking). Everything else was just layering my paper-after I inked it of course. I found a couple embellishments I liked that I had to add. I thought it needed some jewels of course. Never too many embellishments or too many layers.. I liked the way it turned out.. Hope U do too!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garden Time

This is the way I have spent the last 2 days. lol
My daddy has a huge garden full of any kind of vegetable u can think of.. Well it is very very very hot out and so I guess If I am gonna help I would rather be inside stringing and popping beans then anything else.. lol BUT after 2 WHOLE days of stringing and popping -my fingers and wrist are a little sore. I told my mom that me and my daughter were hanging out in the swimming pool on our floats tomorrow. haha
My mom has been canning beats. peeeeeee-U!!! I can't say that I dont like them cuz I have never tasted them but I can not stand the smell of them being canned. Oh my gracious.. As I get a huge pan of beans popped -I will take them to my Mom and Dad so they can put them in the jars to can-and I have to hold my nose just to go inside.. I told my daddy to HELP-i couldnt hold my nose and carry the beans in-so he was making fun of me and holding my nose for me while I was carrying the beans into the kitchen-haha.. My Mom said, she loves this time of the year when me and my daughter come in and hold our nose-haha.. So far my Mom has canned 84 quarts of green beans this year.. This is just the beginning. She has done lots of beets too.. She will still can potatoes-tomatoes-corn-vegetable soup-a pickled zuchunni/squash/onion mixture which I have come to LOVE!! Then pickles.. I am sure I have left some stuff off.. I have made like 6 loafs of zuchunni bread already to eat and i gave away a lot of it.. cuz that stuff is pure FAT-lol Besides the zuchinni that is in it-it is tons of sugar and vegetable oil-haha..
so when i get some more pictures of the finished products I will post some pictures!! Missed scrapbooking the last few nights!!! hope U all got to do a page or 2..

Monday, July 11, 2011

My heart revolves around you

One of the simpliest pages I have EVER done... Not much too it.. I kinda felt weird making it a completed scrapbook page-I kept thinking I need to add more.. and more.. BUT I reallyl think if I add more it is gonna take away from what I love about the whole page. I still might add me some buttons-haha.. I stickled my circle and stickled my heart. BUT besides that -all simple -all easy.. Hope U copy this and put your loves in the middle!!!!


Here is a page I made this evening.. My daughter this past Easter.. I seen a page similar to this and I just made it my own. I love all the layering.. I am all about some flags. Then never a completed page without JEWELS!!! Then of course U gotta ink everything before u glue it down.. Only thing I wish that showed up more in the picture is my white under my green and teal polka dot paper.. It is not just a white paper.. It is a shredded piece of white.. looks a lot different in person..
Enjoying scrapbooking again!! hope U are!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great Day

Had a nice lazy day at the pool today-U can see it in the background of the picture of Kandis. It's my Mom and Dad's(which I say it's mine becuz' they got it when I lived at home)haha.. I had a friend over and me and my friend and Kandis all laid on floats all afternoon. Then me and Kandis went to DQ for some chocolate blizzards later-and picked up a pizza for dinner.

Then my little chunkiers of a nephew came over and spent the evening with me and Kandis while his Daddy and Mommy went fishing for a few hours. As I am writing at 12:30am he is sleeping in my bed-awwwwww!!!! lol

It's been a lazy week here.. I havent did much of anything.. BUT happy to have started scrapping again. Before I did my 5 new pages this week I had not scrapbooked since last October. So it had been awhile. I guess sometimes scrapbookers get in a slump and I have been in one for awhile. BUT I seem to slowly crawling back out ..

Hope everyone has been enjoying their week-end like me!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

7th Grade

Another quick page I did today. Simple page of my daughter's 1st day back to school last year. I liked it cuz I used 3 pictures-something I dont do very often-lol. I had to play around with some scrap paper until I figured out what size to get the pictures and the designed paper I used-I cut the pictures and the paper to be 3 and 3/4 by 5 and 3/4 , then I rounded the corners on them all. I set all the pictures and paper down on solid black paper.. The picture didnt scan that great but it looks really good with the black behind it.. I did all my journaling on a program I have them printed it off and rounded the corners. I printed off my Letters I used on my Cricut. I had a heart chipboard piece I copied for my heart. Then finally my orange piece at the top was a piece out of my pack of paper. VERY fast and easy page once I figured out how big to make the pictures and paper-hehe!!!
Have fun scrapping!!!

My Team-My Friends

Just finished working on this page this evening and thought I would share it before i go to bed.. This is my daughter in the blue dress on the end next to her coach on the left. This is at her sports banquet on May 2, 2010. This is her volleyball team.
Super super simple and fast but pretty page.. I had this new pack of paper I had bought at Big Lots that I used for all the red squares.. I had gotten my volleyball brads awhile back at Hobby Lobby and have been wanting to use them for awhile.. I just used simple stickers for my title. I cut up white paper for my journaling. I had a piece of the star felt left over from something else I had scrapbooked once. So it fit perfect. I love my little volleyball ticket. I made copies of them before i used it so I can use it again-lol..
So enjoy and GOOD NIGHT!!!!!
Happy TGIF!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Candy Give-away!!

Check out this blog site for a big blog candy give-away.. Wouldnt u love to win some of this-WOW!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jr High

I did this page about 2am last night. I usually do my daughter a book for each school year but now that she is in Jr High/Middle School I think I will probably just start combining books. This is the 1st page I have done from her last year of school-7th grade. SO I need to get busy since before I know it summer will be over -and school will be starting again. The picture is Kandis as we were leaving for school. Aug 24, 2010.
This page was pretty easy as U can see. I made my green paper that I laid on my solid black paper just by copying another sheet of design piece of paper I have. I have a cute pack of school paper I used here. I just dont know who it was buy. I had split the pack with someone - lol. I did all my journaling on strips. My yellow arrow on the top is a brad. That is about it for this one..
NOW what do scrapbook next??? hummmmm


Horrah for the RED-WHITE-and BLUE!!!!! We love Summer and we LOVE flip flops.. So what better way to celebrate the 4th of July then Flip Flops with the US Flag and Red/White/Blue toe-nails.. lol

Kandis was all ready to go watch fireworks .. had her nails all painted up and her hair all in for the occassion!!!!

She matched well!!!

I love that smile.. I love holidays too-just another reason for me to take even MORE pictures of my GIRL!!! hehe

She is growing up way way to fast on me!!! My teenage daughter.. That is so hard for me to grasp that I have a teenage daughter!!! OH how I love her so much!!


I am very very BLESSED.. this is a picture of my little family at Christmas that just past-2010. I look at this picture and all I can do is smile.. Everything about them make me happy, everything about both of them make me complete. These 2 people are my LIFE-they are my EVERYTHING-my ALL!!!! I was getting ready to head out to the pool today with my daughter and her friend and it clouded up and started to storm-so I went ahead and did this page. It scanned a little dark in the middle becuz it is so 3d like with the flower and the butterfly.
I started off with black paper-and I made the edge of the blue paper scalloped like with another piece of paper I had by just tracing it.. then I used my hole punch to make holes in it myself. The blue paper I used for the back ground - the grey paper I used behind the picture- and the lite blue piece of paper on top with the flower and ribbon-and the cream like paper at the top with my journaling are all Tim Holtz paper. I havent had that paper too long and I am in love with it. I love to ink paper as much as possible.. I always use my Tim Holtz Distress Inks there too. The black piece up the side is out of a bag of strips of design strips I bought at Michaels. I got my butterfly at a CKC in Louisville that I went to a year and half ago.. I have those in so many colors-lol. Always gotta throw some jewels on there-My stash is those I am using like on this page I got at CKC is dwindling down fast-hehe. I cut my letters out on my cricut-I used the Mickey Mouse Font. I think that has to be my favorite font I own. Seemed like a simple page when I started but sure took me a long time.. LOL
2 pages in 2 days.. That is a record for me now-well for awhile.. Happy July 4th Everyone!!! Hope U had a wonderful day!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I Love You

I FINALLY did a new page.. It had been a really really really long time.. I found a page Something like this on a blog or something years ago -so I scraplifted this a little bit. Changed it up some to be my own.

This is my daughter, Kandis, and my sweet nephew, Jaydyn. This picture was taken on Mother's Day at my Mom and Dad's.

I used a pack of DMCV paper called AT HOME for this whole page, except the little red heart. It was just a piece of scrap I had from another pack. I had the birdie template but i thing it was a cuttlebug thing my friend has and I just made myself a copy of it. The big circle i have on the page is my Technique Tuesday stuff I have, except I cant bear to actually use that stuff so I always just trace it and then I can use it over and over.. My little brown pattern piece of paper was another piece of patterned piece of paper I also copied. I traced my hearts from some chipboards pieces I had n a drawer. I had that cool, OLD lace, from a flea market awhile back.. I love that stuff.. I need to go to some more flea markets. I always seem to get the coolest stuff there. Then of course I can never do a page without jewels. It just doesnt seem complete without them. haha My big cream letters were from a pack of letters I had gotten a long time ago at Big Lots. I love to journal around the outside of stuff.

SO I hope I inspired someone that maybe hasnt scrapbooked lately like me.. It's a very good way to keep your mind busy!! Hope to do more tmrw-after pooling it all day of course.. Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US!!