Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big BROWN Eyes

This little page is a copy really of an idea in the front of the latest scrapbook magazine but me and one of my scrapbook girlfriends, Wendy (http://www.wendybaisden.blogspot.com/) had to do it because it was so darn cute. I had seen this page and immediately knew I wanted to do a page with my daughter's Big Brown Eyes.

1st of all I have to brag on my pictures.. These pictures are a few of the 1st pictures I actually took with my new NIKON D80. I got it back in October but had not printed any pictures until a few days ago. I am in love with this camera.. It looks like someone else actually took these pictures and not me. I feel like I have power in my hands-LOL!

The letters are all cut on Wendy's cricut using the sure cuts a lot software which I am totally lost on.. It seems so cool-but I have no idea what to do on it-I just watch in awe as Wendy picks the fonts and prints them out. For now I will just stick to my Cricut and it's cartridges.

I love the buttons-anytime I can stick a button on something I stick it-of course i went ahead and stuck some string thru it.

Then last the butterfly is off of Wendy's new template (http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4007352)she just created for Hot off the Press. There are tons of butterflys and dragonflys to pick from and we both jump at the chance to use it.

I think everyone should try this page out - and make it their own!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A la carte November Challenge

This is my 1st challenge I have ever attempted. Of course I love to scrapbook but I felt alittle more pressure when I knew it was for a contest. Then I waited until the day before it was do - to
actually do my page.
The challenge is for A la carte http://alacartechallenge.blogspot.com/ go here and check their website out. My friend Wendy got me going on this challenge and her page is actually posted as one of their favorites. It is for their November Challenge.. these were the requirements :
1. Use orange and brown.
2. Use woodgrain.
3. Use fabric.
4. Use something with wings.
5. Use a toilet paper roll.
6. Use song lyrics in your title.
I think you only really had to use 3 of these though.. but I tried to use them all.
Of course U can see I used the orange and brown. The tree I made with my Cricut on the Graphically Speaking is made out of woodgrain looking paper. The only fabric I used is between the layers of my flower-it is a white circle.. I was trying to make the top flower pop out alittle bit.. Plus I didnt have any other material-LOL. The something with wings is my little birdies-they are also cut out of my toilet paper roll. I ran the birdies thru my cuttlebug then i glimmermisted them a whole lot. Then my song lyrics are Making Memories of Us-by Keith Urban..
This is my daughter Kandis-of course-LOL.. We are all waiting patiently for the winner to be posted for this challenge..IT ended on Dec 14, 2009. So now I just need to get started on their next challenge for December-hehe

6 & 7 & 8 Day of Christmas

Kandis got 5 Lip Glosses for 6th Day of Christmas
I should of timed that one out for the 5th day huh?
Then she got Christmas Toe Socks for the 7th Day
of Christmas. Oh how I dislike to wear those kinds
of socks..
8th day of Christmas she got knee socks from Justice.
she seems happy about everything..
I wish someone was giving me the 12 days of Christmas-LOL
More to come....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days of Christmas- Days 1-5

Hi Everyone-My name is Kelly. I am new to this blog thing so just be patient with me. I am a huge scrapbooker and so of course I take tons of pictures. Take tons of pictures of my soon to be 12 year old daughter.. who happens to be in Love with the camera as much as I LOVE taking the pictures of her.. So I will be posting pics of her and scrapbooking pages of her of course the most.

I figured I would start my blog off with some pictures of my daughter and our twelve days of Christmas. For the last 3 years I have been giving her gifts on each day of the 12 days of Christmas. She can't wait until the 13th of December so the gifts start.. lol Today was our 5th day. My daughters name is Kandis Faye. I set her up a extra stockin on her bedroom door and when she gets up she finds her gift. The 1st couple of things didnt fit though-ha! SO I will catch everyone up now to where we are at.

1st day - a pair of pj's

2nd day - house shoes to match the pj's

3rd day- make-up

4th day- winter gloves

5th day- hat to match the gloves

So now I have to dig into my bag of goodies and figure out what is for the 6th day in the morning.

Kandis' birthday is on Saturday-so I always just buy lots of stuff and then as it gets closer figure out what I am gonna give her for her birthday and then for her birthday. She is getting very excited.. I have to admit that Kandis' birthday is my favorite holiday of the entire year. The day she came into my life was the best day of my life.

Setting up my blog

Just getting started so everyone please check back soon !