Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pauley Bridge

It was a beautiful morning here in the coal fields of southern West Virginia & Easter Kentucky. I had to take my daughter to Pikeville, Ky to have her braces tighten for the month and we decided to go to local photo spot for some pictures. . My daughter had one of her best friends, Carrigan with her. So we had a good time snapping pictures and goofing off. Here are Kandis and Carrigan at the beginning of the bridge.

Kandis and nothing but sky!!.

Carrigan with the pretty bridge all in it's background.

My girl being all prissy as usual.

Their school teacher that they both had and loved, Mrs Starr, said they were 2 peas in a pod, BUT u gotta love them-hehe..

One of my favorites of Kandis..

U gotta do Kissy Lips-always~!

Beautiful picture of my girls!!

Love IT!

She loves taking pictures and her Mommy loves taking them of her-hehe

Go ahead Carrigan and throw her over!!!! lol

Gotta end the photo shoot with a gangta picture!!

Now I have tons of new pictures to scrapbook, YAY ME!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

RCS Christmas Play 2009

This is a page I had done a few months ago. My daughter is the Angel in the middle, of course. lol
This is at her school's Christmas Play in December 2009. Kandis was only in 5th grade-seems like forever ago since she is now going in the 8th grade.
I just wanted to share this page. All my paper is 2 sided. I used lots of ink before putting it all down. I love layering paper-so I did lots of that. I did strips of journaling.. Lots of rhinestones around the edges. Then of course no page is complete without a few flowers.. Hope this imspires someone .....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer-YAY let's catch UP now

Howdy! It's been a very very long time since I have been blogging, over half a year to be exact. I didn't thing there was much going on until I started posting pictures on here to update my last 6 mths to catch everyone back up. U will be able to see that a new fella has my heart these days-lol.. He is now 7 months old-He is my chunkers of a newphew Jaydyn. He is my lil brothers 1st child and I am in LOVE!!! So is my whole family.. It has been 13 years since we have had a baby in the family so we are lovin every minute of it.

So here are a few pictures to catch u up on where we are right now.. BUT mostly these days U will just catch us out at the pool-lolI now have a 8th Grader.. Kandis is no longer a 7th grader which makes this mommy sad.. BUT I am very proud of her.. This is a picture of her at Awards night in May.My parents (aka-Papaw and Grandma) are the best. They never miss anything regarding Kandis. She is so lucky to have them as grandparents and I am lucky to have them as MY parents. We love them so much! Here is a great way to cool off in the summer-Tropical Snos!!! This is June 24. Me and Kandis grabbed one out Friday while geocaching. A new addiction that I have come to love since about October. One of the reasons I have NOT scrapbooked that much in months. BUT I am gonna have to make time for scrapping cuz i am getting way way behind and i MISS IT!!!

This is my favorite thing to do all summer long.. Lay beside the POOL or lay IN the pool on a float.. Oh how blessed I am that my parents got us a pool when I was a teenager!!!

This is also Kandis' favorite thing to do all summer too-Except she does a WHOLE lot more swimming and jumping and diving them I do!! lol

Then again, We all love laying on a comfy float!!

Nothing better then combining my favorite place,THE POOL, with my,FAVORITE FELLA, and getting my, FAVORITE SLOBBER KISSES!!!! oh how I love them!!!

Everybody NEEDS kisses like this!!!

I am NOT the only one goo goo over Jaydyn!! This is Father's Day-June 19. This is my daddy and my Brother(so our daddy) and Jaydyn's Daddy(my brother-lol) Lots of reasons to celebrate.

My Brother, James, on his 1st Father's Day with his son, Jaydyn James. Jaydyn's shirt says I bet your Daddy can't Bolt like mine. My brother is a bolter in the coal mines!!

My hubby turned 40, on May 27.

Grandma with her Grandbabies on Mother's Day-May.

My Brother and his wife, Kim and Jaydyn. This is Kim's 1st Mother's Day.. She is the best Wife and Mother!! My brother is so blessed!

I celebrated my 14th Wedding Anniversary with Roger on May 9th. We make such a cute couple-haha!

This is my family at church on Easter-Sunday Morning-April. I love them all so much!!

U gotta have a Easter Basket for Easter.. Let me just say that it is more expensive when they are 13-lol . Well it is at our house anyway.. BUT I wouldnt change a thing!!!!

My 2 favorite little people.. they both have my heart!!

Jaydyn LOVES LOVES the swing outside.. This was Easter. He was laughing at me-(aka-Aunt Tay Tay). Funny how one little smile from a baby just lights up your world!!!

Spring comes and the Bees all come back out and start making HONEY.. Well at least that is what they are suppose to be doing .... We dont know what is up.. We have 9 bees hives-well we did and last year we got 3 and half courts of honey out of all of them. Then this year we should of robbed the hives of their honey once already but there is NONE.. The year before last we got flooded and got NO honey.. So 3 years and nothing. I told my husband we are firing all of them if they dont produce us some this year.. They are too much work and really aggravaiting at times

to be just be sitting on my back porch!!! lol BUT we do love BEES!!!!

RCS Homecoming for Kandis Faye. This made her 3rd homecoming and I have to say she was STUNNING.. Her Aunt Kayla did her make-up and Belinda Owens from Cuttin' Up did her hair. We got her dress at Heaven Sent. She looked so beautiful and sooo grown up. It hurt my heart!!!

NO her Daddy was not her date but we had to get a few pictures before we left the dance.. lol I do think he would of made a good date for her though.. Those 2 melt my heart!!!

We have BRACES now. lol Feb Kandis got braces. Hoping to have them no more then 14 months BUT if u have ever had braces u know how that goes.. She looks just as beautiful as always. She has adjusted to them so well..

In Feb-We got to go to the Bristol Race, in Bristol Tennesse. This was my husband's and Kandis' 1st time but Tyler(Kandis' friend) had been before. I had not been to Bristol since before Kandis' was born. So I was so excited to be there. We had such a great time. The weather was perfect-our seats were great. I could not have asked for a better day-Unless Jeff Gordon would of won instead of Kyle Busch-LOL!

Kandis at her 1st Nextel Cup Race at Bristol Tennesse!!! This picture is my favorite picture I took all day long!!!

This is the crew that went with ME for Japanese on my Birthday on February 5. I am now 37 years younger.