Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One more Scrapbook Challenge

I decided to add another page to one of the January Challenges before the month ends. I probably won't have this many pages next month-but I can always shoot for it. This Challenge was to MIX IT UP. The design team member, Sarah, who added this challenge wants U to use paper that U would think would be more boyish or girly and then turn it around and use it for the opposite sex. U are suppose to add things to it to make it more girly if U used the boy paper-or more boyish if U used girl paper with flowers or pink or purple stuff. I do use a lot of pinks/purples/reds BUT I also love browns and darker colors. They are not always for boys but this paper could easily be used for a boy without question. I just made it girly but using some pink letters and a flower and ribbon. I used some sparkly brads and a brad with a rhinestone. I thought it turned it around for me.. This is a page of me and my daughter last spring.. Oh how I wish it was Spring already.. We are suppose to be getting ANOTHER winter storm here starting Friday- half foot to a foot.. I guess that will just make us appreciate Spring and Summer even more this year!!

Scrapbooking Challenge Pages

So I am trying to do some pages for some of the challenges on Scrapbooking Challenges.. I know I can not do them all, even though I would love too. I just kinda pick and choose which interest me or I think I will have time for. Here are the pages that I have entered for some of the January challenges
These 2 pages above were done for a challenge-Copy another member's page.. This was super easy challenge.. I like to scraplift.. I went to my friend Wendy's photos and found a couple pages she had done that I had been wanting to copy since she had done them and copied those. The 1st one is my daughter Kandis during one of our big snows this winter.. Then the 2nd one is of my Husband and my step son, Clayton. I just love that photo..
These pages above I turned in for the Use your Stash Flower Challenge. They wanted U to use as many flowers-at least 10-that u could on a page. They were wanting U to use your old stash of flowers that U really dont use that much anymore-those old jar filled tiny tiny flowers-prima flowers. I think that is the name of those. I dont have very many at all. This page was posted for a challenged named Paper Piecing. It could be done in so many ways. U could make something out of the paper or piece paper together like I did here. As long as U used different pieces of paper on your page. Me and Wendy had done this page not long ago so I just submitted this one for this challenge..I had taken these pictures of Kandis with my new Nikon I got in October!!
This page was for a challenge named Home Sweet Home . U were suppose to use pictures from your home-anything as long as it is from your house-inside or out-it really doesnt matter. U have to have a title and the word HOME has to be in it.. This is OUR HOME when we moved in and we 1st got our new home in 1997 and I had a current good picture of the outside from 2003 which is also what it looks like now.. I love this page!! IT is such a great page to pass down to my daughter one day. The top picture is a little blurry-it is alittle old.. Me and my husband are the little blurs-I am the little plumpy pregnant one standing in the doorway! haha
This Page above is for a NO Pattern Paper Challenge.. Not something that I do much. SO I had used some chipboard for my arrow and some stickles to decorate with. This is Kandis and her Heelys. These have come and gone for us!! lol
This page was done for a challenge called Notions Department Challenge. U can use fabric, ribbon, ric rak, buttons, thread, snaps, elastic. U can use as little or as much as U want.. SO I just went nut with ribbon on this page.. It's me on a trip to Louisville to Charlotte CKC. I have some of the scrapbooking supplies i had bought surrounding me-LOL!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Deals @ Michaels

I have to admit right off I have a little addiction to scrapbooking paper. I used to not be very bad but I will admit now I have it pretty bad. I just to buy paper mostly by the single sheets, but not anymore. Unless I see something I gotta have in a single piece of paper or something I just have a idea for I am all about paper packs now. U get tons of papers in a huge pack-some way or another it all cordinates into each other and it is awesome. The majority of them are about $20 a pack but I will NEVER pay that for a pack. If it is NOT onsale for half off or I don't have a coupon, I wait.. Well I hit the jackpot at Michael's Craft store last weekend. One of my friends had called another friend and told her about some paper at the store that was marked clearanced for $9.99 but when U get up front it rings up for $4 a pack. Well usually that doesn't mean anything to me because we live a hour and half from Michaels BUT last Saturday I just happen to be where Michael's was and guess what?? I got like 7 new big paper packs all for $4 each.. I was sooooo happy. That is like $140 worth of paper at regular price. woot woot!!

Then I decided to look over in the Christmas clearance stuff. I didnt see anything right off that was scrapbooking really. Then i seen a 20 cent rack with tons of little stuff in it and started digging thru it. I pulled out a pack of jewels, there were 48 in a pack, and then I was like ooooooh! The 2nd thing I am probably the most addicted to in scrappin is jewels. The cheapest I have probably ever gotten them is $1 at a CKC convention or $1 maybe at Michaels off the cheapo rack. BUT I dont get them that often. SO when I go to the conventions I stock up. My Mom came over and started digging with me to help and before I knew it I had like 18 packs of jewels. I got a lot of green/gold packs but hey for 20 cents I didn't care. That just means I can add tons more to a page at once!! LOL Then they had a lot of the Christmas words spelled out with the jewels for 20 cents. My mom would say U already got this one right, I said I don't care I want them all for that price!! haha. I had so much fun . So if U have a Michael's close by and haven't checked out the 20 cent rack yet, it might be worth a trip to look. Then if U see some paper packs in them middle aisle with some clearance stickers on them, maybe let someone scan them for U... U might get a few $4 packs of paper like I did!! Happy scrapbook shopping!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Won Nov Challenge @ A La Carte

Ok my friend Wendy talked me into my 1st challenge and I submitted my page @ A La Carte Blog for their November Challenge and went flipping thru some of my favorite blogs today and seen MY page at the TOP as the Winner!!!!!!!!! I was just a tad excited and my daughter was almost as excited as me, as I was bouncing around in my desk chair like a nut!! I was so nervous-I thought my page had to be perfect but naaaaa! I think that has to be one of the most nerve racking pages I have ever done. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself becuz' it was a contest. I had to remind myself that it was just a scrapbook page-something that I loved to do-and something I did all the time. Just go with your gut! Have fun mostly and who knows U might win-like ME!! hehe- Now I can't wait to see what I won-haha!! Really though-Just winning was a big deal to me! YIPPPEEE!!!
here is a link JUST INCASE anyone wants to look-hahaha
and here is my page
All I had to do was use at least 3 of the following-I used all 5
1. Use orange and brown. - that one is obvious of course
2. Use woodgrain. - I used that one on the tree(which I found on my cricut cartridge-Graphically Speaking)
3. Use fabric. - I put fabric behind my little flower i made in the corner-it is white and it is just outlining the smaller flower a little
4. Use something with wings. - obvious again-my little birdies
5. Use a toilet paper roll. - my birdies are made with it and then i used the cuttlebug to emboss them and then I glimmer misted them like crazy.
6. Use song lyrics in your title. - Making Memories of Us-I can't remember the artist on this? Oops-but I promise it is! lol
SO now I am gonna be addicted and have to for sure find my next challenge to do very soon! hehe

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Featured Page on Scrapbook Challenges

I got very excited yesterday when I got a email from Scrapbook Challenges telling me that one of my scrapbooking pages I had uploaded this week was picked as one of their featured pages. I just recently joined this group and LOVE it.. There are tons of great ladies to chat with on here and lots of fun challenges with prizes. There is a gallery full of great scrapbooking pages done by ladies just like U and Me! As U upload your pages they go into a big gallery and then that week they have a panel of ladies that pick their favorite for that week. So this has made 2 out of the last 3 weeks mine has been picked. So I am really excited now. It really encourages U to scrapbook when U get so many compliments on your pages-and these ladies on here compliment U a lot.. I know everyone loves encouragement-I dont care who U are-we all need it.. SO I just had to toot my little horn alittle.. I didnt win anything but I did win alittle more encouragement for myself. I will take that anyday. I am gonna have to try some of the challenges out. I haven't done any yet because U know-prizes are GREAT too-LOL!
here is the link to the gallery where my page this week is at:
This is the page they picked this week. Look familar-hehe!

Then here is the other page I done about a month or so ago that was also a featured page. When I scanned this picture it made my jewels look green above the orange circle-they are actually orange. The ones around the yellow circle are not orange either but yellow. The butterflys I used for this page were made using my friend, Wendy's Butterfly and Dragon template by Hot Off the Press. It is being sold by paperwishes right now. Everyone can get one-

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Welcome to WV's Winter Wonderland. Starting last Sunday we have had nothing but snow.. Very unusual for us.. The most we usually get in a winter is a dusting or 2 or 3 inches maybe. This winter we have by far already past that up a couple of times. This storm or a couple storms combined has dropped probably a total of a foot on us again. We got about a foot back in December too on my daughter's birthday, Dec 19th. My daughter has yet to go BACK to school from her Christmas vacation and it is Jan 10th now-LOL. We are both girls who love to stay up late and love to sleep in BUT I have to admit that we are both going nuts. She is as ready to go back to school as I am for her to go back.

SO I really need to rename my blog becuz' this is just not my scrapbooking.. I love to take pictures as much as I like to scrapbook. I recently got a Nikon D80-back in October-so seems like I always have my camera in my hand.. I had to show off some of the fun we had during the snow this time.

The 1st picture is of me-editted alittle with photo shop.. Trying to stay warm in my husband's snow suit.. It was only like 18 degrees this day-but the wind chill was about 10-burr!

My Husband took me and my daughter to my Dad's barn and we rode our 4-wheeler around in the pasture. Roger hooked Kandis' sled to the 4-wheeler and we pulled her around for a long time.. Well as long as our cheeks could stand it, it was so bitter cold. Kandis had so much fun. I laughed so much at Kandis trying to stay on the sled and me trying to stay on the back of the 4-wheeler and try to take pictures at the same time.

Then Kandis wanted to try to sled board-haha! So she tried this on a little slant we had behind our house. She did really good. I bought Kandis this purple snow suit on black friday and I think it was the best investment I have made in a very very long time. It keeps her so dry and so warm. That makes a Mommy really happy!!
I had some sunglasses on and I had to shortly shed them and give them to Kandis to wear while sleigh riding.. She looked super cute in them of course-hehe..

I did Sleigh ride myself, but my lense was freezing up with ICE becuz' it was getting wet with the snow flying on it when I was taking pictures of Kandis.. SO I had to make Kandis not take any pics of me this time. I do have pictures of me last time we did this on Kandis' birthday.. ooooh what fun and oooh how funny!! hehe

My husband actually trusted me to let me pull him by the 4-wheeler today. That was a suprise. He was hilarious. I told someone he should be in the olypmics doing some restylin' sleigh boarding.. haha He would be sleigh riding and posin the whole time for the camera. My daughter was takin the pictures-I can multitask but I can not drive and snap pictures at the same time. The last picture is of Roger after he was done sleigh riding-LOL...
Oh what fun we had!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 NEW Pages-Finally

I have been working on a couple pages for awhile and finally completely finished up 2 of them tonight with some journaling and a few other little things. Then I did half of another page I had started about a week ago before I started reorganizing my scrapbook room-and then I did a complete NEW page tonight.. SO I accomplished a lot for myself. This was all on top helping my daughter find stuff and helping her out here and there with her page... I love to scrapbook.. We have about 7 and half inches of snow right now and are expecting anywhere from 2-6 or more inches tomorrow.. SO sounds like more scrapbooking in the next couple of days for me.. Seems like after U get the juices going-U don't wanna stop..

My 1st page I finished up is of my step-son, Clayton, and my daughter, Kandis.. These are 2 peas in a pod... I struggled forever for a title for this.. I had this finished probably a week ago but had no idea what to write. My husband said to put Ham N Cheese-becuz my daughter can ham it up for the camera as soon as it is pointed toward her and Clayton does exactly the opposite-Cheezzzeee!!! hehe.. He used to NOT care so much for me to snap his pictures-but he is Ok with it now-I think he just got used to it... haha. The middle picture was taken this August by my sister in law who owns a photography business.. Her name is Kim, ( here is a link to her blog. This is my favorite picture she took of them that day... Then the other picture is of them this past Christmas.. Growing up sooo fast is right... They will be 15 in less then 3 years and that freaks me out.. Scary... Driving!!! Where has the time went.. I love all the layering of paper on this.. I am all about layering. Me and My Friend Wendy( did this page together but our pages turned out totatlly different. That is really odd for us-hehe.. I had NOT ever tried the ribbon like this.. I just stickied it with double sided tape on the bottom and crinkled it up when it put it down-it did awesome.. We had some parenthesis that we traced and cut out.. I am sure the crickets have them on a cartridge.. We used a sowing machine. Love some petaloos on all pages-hehe. I used my new cricut cartridge, ashlyns alphabet for my letters.

This 2nd page has been done for sooooo LONG.. I just wanted to print me off some journaling strips.. Another page that me and Wendy done together one day.. We hand made the flowers.. We just used circle punches and then bunched up the paper to crinkle it all up.. made a few strips for the stems. We just used some design paper for the backgrounds-I believe this was all out of a minds eye BIG paper back. We cut the owls and gophers out of a big paper pack by DCWV-Green Stack. I used my white pen to make stitch makes all over.. This is me-My Grandma Smitherman(my Mom's Mom), then my Mom in black, and my Aunt Janet. My aunt and grandma were visiting WV from Michigan.. Simple page.

This Page is of me and My husband, Roger.. These pictures were all taken last December 2008. I scraplifted this page off of the cover of a scrapbooks, etc magazine I get in the mail.. They did theirs in fall colors and theme.. Soo I opted to do different colors and did mine just a tad different, not very much though.. This one is a sooooo eay-there wasnt much to it at all, I almost didn't even post it, because it was so easy.. but it is a good page of me and my sweetie.. I love the meaning I put behind it... The paper I used here is all from a Mind's Eye Christmas Paper pack.. I love Mind's Eye..I do love most all paper though-hehe.. I used my flower punches from the brad punches.. Then Again I used petaloos. I put tiny red gems in the middle of the white circles above the flowers. I noticed 1 is missing already and I ran out-OOOPS!! I like this page-LOL

I did this page this evening late-All New.. This paper is sooo pretty with Kandis' snow suit.. I was dying for my daughter to get a new snowsuit this year just so I didnt have to scrapbook her orange hunting snow suit she has wore for about 3 years or longer-hehe.. It's terrible when U start buying clothes-to take the perfect pictures-so U will have the perfect pictures-to scrapbook-haha.. This paper is from a DCWV big Christmas paper pack I got clearanced last year after Christmas.. SO everyone needs to be checking out Joann's and Michaels for clearanced paper-I got this at Joann's last year.. I used my Mickey Font on my Cricut to cut out this font. I inked all my paper I think on this except the dark purple.. I had bought this rick rack at the charlotte CKC in August.. SO I was excited to use it on here. My Mom gave me these cool snowflakes. They worked perfect on this page. Then I just journaled right on the page with my white pen. I have been using that a lot lately.. I got this idea out of a creating keepsake or scrapbooks etc. magazine. I just changed it around some and made it my own.
I hope If u looked at my pages U got a few new ideas!!
Happy Scrapping!!!!!!

My Daughters Scrapbook Page

My 12 year old daughter, Kandis has been wanting to sit down and scrapbook with me lately.. Well usually the most she scrapbooks is cards and stuff and she is pretty good at it.. She even won a few contest at school this year, designing a book marker with all of my scrapbooking stuff-and NO I didnt help at all. I know she would scrapbook every day I did If I let her.. I have got to learn to have more patience.. I think it is just me-maybe scrapbook is MY little thing I enjoy to do and not that I hate to share it, because everyone loves to scrapbook with friends? I guess it is like with a new scrapbooker, when U scrapbook with them it seems like you are helping them out more then actually getting to scrapbook.. Sooo Kandis worked on this page with alittle of my help, mostly just helping her find what she wanted, because she knew everything she wanted. I just finished up on a few pages that I had that needed journaling while she did that while I helped her.. I am very proud with her page. She had to do a page that had ZEBRA on it.. Her new pictures make her look nothing like 12-thanks Wendy-LOL!! She loves to take pictures, as much as me and anyone else wants to take them of her.. She goes to a Christian school and they only have 1 volleyball team, and 1 cheerleading team, so she is on the Varsity squad.. She is sooo tiny, so she is a flyer and climber on the cheersquad, This year is her 2nd year with both sports on the varsity squads. She got a lot of playing time on the volleyball floor this year-to our surprise-the little thing is really good and get that ball right over the next.. Vball is done for this year, but 2 more months of cheering.. SO I will be doing lots more pictures.. I promised Kandis I would post her page for her though... If U checked this out-leave me a comment for her!!!! I am gonna do better and let her scrapbook more-LOL

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It snowed all day yesterday. IT snowed enough on Sunday night that I couldn't take my daughter to school.Went to bed with it pouring the snow - woke up to 7 inches of snow this morning. So NO school today, we are already on a delay for Wednesday. It is still snowing out too-LOL!!! We live in WV and if we get snow it becomes very crippling at points. Salt trucks start immediatly to try to get a handle on it. I am NOT a snow driver. If it snows-I do NOT drive. Since I have been young-if it snowed-my Daddy would take me to work or college if I had to go. Now that I am older-if it is snowy enough but we still need to go somewhere-My husband or Daddy still take me and my daughter.

I am from Michigan, so I am used to the cold and snow, but we have soooo gotten way more snow then Michigan has so far in December and January. I think my family in Michigan can't believe how much snow we have gotten in comparison to them. My daughter,Kandis, loves it. She hasnt went out and sleigh rided yet today. She is up at my parents playing games-hehe. Here are a couple pictures from our last snow... It totalled over 12 inches-no electric for over 2 days for us-it was pretty bad. So far we are blessed with this one.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I counted down the hours-then minutes until the New Year-with my sweeties this year. Seems like we are usually out of town or have someone at our house visiting-or gone to church. BUT this year was different as we just spent a night at home, "Partying" the night away as my daughter insisted we do. She said she wanted fruit and a big bottle of that fake wine stuff. SO that is what we did..
We watched the ball dropped on tv in Times Square n NY like so many others around the US. I set the camera up and got a few shots of us. Then we did a few sparklers and firecrackers outside. Just a fun-MEMORABLE way to ring in the new year!!
We had a great night-and MORNING. My husband gave in about 1:30am. Me and Kandis did NOT go to bed until 5am this morning.. We stayed up and watched Flicka-and we organized my huge container of ribbon(big knot of ribbon). I am gonna hang it in my scrapbook room on these cool hangers I got at Big Lots yesterday. I so should of got a picture of it all laying in the floor-what a hoot.. Hope everyone had a great night and a great start today to a new year..