Tuesday, October 26, 2010

in the beginning

Me and my hubby the 1st few years after being married-in the late 90's-of course U can tell by my poofy-curly hair...
I just got this paper not long ago. It is a new pack not out too long I dont think by Tim Holtz. It is sooo pretty and 2 sided. SO this is just 2 peices and I used the front and backs of both sheets. I did all my journaling on strips. I just added a few flowers-gems-and gems clusters and that's it..
Time has flown by over the last 13 and 1/2 years!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

tinkle tinkle little star

I pulled this picture WAY out of my oldies to do this page.. This is me and my daughter in 1999. She was just 2 years old or getting ready to be 2.. Recently I pulled out some of videos of Kandis when she was little and I had forgot how much I would get her to sing to the camera.. It didnt seem to matter when and how much I turned it on to her-she always sung-"tinkle tinkle little star" more like wittle star I think.. I love this title-Now I can always be reminded of her sweet song ..
This was a 5X7 I cut down a little bit. I used Wendy's Easy Star Template once again by Hot Off the Press.. I got that great ribbon at Big Lots for $1 for a huge roll. I used some different thickers I had for the title. A little ribbon at the top with a few of my mini Tim Holtz staples in it.. I had a few star brads i used. I had that journaling card I threw in for all my journaling. Then I had a huge pack of designed strips that I added up the side..
I love the older pictures scrapbooked-I want to forever remember these times!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Fun

Great scrapbook page of my daughter and her friends last December 19, 2009 on my daughter's 12th birthday.. We got a little snowed in on her birthday with no electric and had to change her ice skating birthday party into a snow sleigh riding party.. hehe.. I have soo many pictures from this great weekend.. SO I really liked this page becuz it gave me a way to post a lot of pictures..
I just got this new template called Easy Scalloped Frames by Hot Off the Press-I bought the template at Hobby Lobby.. I am in love with templates.. SO anytime I can find a cool new one like this I jump right on it.. SO it was very easy to make the shapes just perfect by tracing them out with the template.. I made the big scalloped frame with the template too.. I did all my journaling around the inside of the frame-one of my favorite ways to journal.. If U have this template U can whip this page out in no time.. I am sure I am gonna use it a whole LOT!!!

So Happy Together

Nothing at all hard to this page IF u have my friends- Easy Star Template by Hot Off the Press. I use this template soo much-thank U Wendy Baisden.. It is my favorite template. My sister in law took this picture of my family last fall 2009. I got a great punch at Big Lots that did my little flag like thing up the side of the picture.. I layered a few sheets of paper and that was it.. It turned out really nice.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So Tweet

How cute are these wittle birds and this tree.. Me and my cousin, Steff found this page in scrapbooking magazine or on my computer where I had saved it as a must do page. I wanted to make it sooo bad.. We didnt have any patterns for the birds or the tree-so Steff free handed both. She did a awesome job.. We did the tree tunk in brown and just added scrap sheets of paper to it.. BUT the birds are just so stinkin cute.. i love them-I wish I had made me a copy of the stencil we used so I can use it again!! lol.
These are pictures of my baby Girl-Kandis Faye and my mom-aka-Grandma. These were taken in Dec 1997 and Jan 1998-shortly after Kandis was born. Priceless pictures to me!!!
Also this page was picked as a featured page on Scrapbooking Challenges this week!! Woot Woot. That makes 2 weeks in a row for me with my new pages. I was so excited to see this page up there on Monday!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Fall Angel

A cute Fall page that me and my cousin, Steff, done a couple weeks ago-Again while I was visiting in Michigan.. I am in love with all these fall colors.. I wasn't too big on the whole leaves to the side at 1st, because I had gotten new HUGE brown flowers that I thought would go perfect there but this seems to have worked perfect-Thanks Steff for pushing me there.. hehe.. I got that awesome cloth lace at a flea market.. I am just now starting to really dig into all the great goodies I got back in Feb at this awesome flea market that me and Wendy hit when we were in Lousiville at CKC this year. My butterflies and jewels were from CKC. I printed my letters from a cricket. Then I stickled them. I rounded all my corners and ta da!!!! My scanner program didnt do the best job on this page but still looking better then a normal picture taken..

I am off for a busy week-end of Volleyball tournaments with my daughter and her team a couple hours away from home. We are staying all night tomorrow.. So I will have some more awesome pictures of my little #1 Eagle Volleyball Player to scrap after this week-end. Hope everyone has a awesome weekend!!!! Fall is surely HERE!!!!

6th Grade

I love how this page turned out. These bottom 2 pictures are my daughter's school pictures from last year. Then the top one is a picture I had made last year during school.. SO I put this page in her school album I do for each grade. This is actually only one of the designed ovals BUT if u try and cut it the way it looks on the paper it will NOT work.. Sooo but using the pattern paper there U can cover up how U made it. hehe.. Me and my cousin Steff had to really sit and think how we were gonna get the other half of the design to work up there -lol.. I had got that ribbon at a flea market back in Feb of this year. I just got that clock at Hobby Lobby while I was in Michigan half off-It is made by Spare Parts. I also got my brown flowers on sale too that day at Hobby Lobby-also made by Spare Parts. All their Spare Parts embellies were half off that week.. Kandis just took school pictures yesterday for 7th grade-and she wore PINK this year for a change.. Her last 3 school pictures she has wore blue for some reason. SO I am stoked to get those-hehe I love to use pink scrapbook paper-LOL