Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Louisville-CKC tomorrow morning!

Well it took us 10 hours to get to Louisville today when it should of only took about 4 and half hours-haha.. We stopped at 2 Big Lots-a Joann Fabrics-3 privately owned scrapbook stores-(Lasting Legacy-Making Memories-Memories A La Mode)-McDonalds-Sav-a-lot.. haha
Me and Wendy have had a blast all day long. We had a big Dominos pizza when we got to the hotel at 8pm.haha.. We avoided all the snow that we got at our houses in WV.. so doing good.. We are about a quarter of a mile from the Louisville Convention Center where CKC is being held and will be heading there bright and early.. Wendy took this of Me in the parking lot of Joann Fabrics in Lexington KY.. Isnt the sunset just beautiful.
I am not as good of a photographer as Wendy is-but here is her picture that I took.. It was freezing outside by the way..

If we want a picture of us both-then U gotta go to the bathroom and snap a picture in the mirror.. hehe... Me being silly of course... Having a Great Day.. Happy 40th Birthday to Wendy today... Gonna keep celebrating tomorrow..
ta ta

Friday, February 26, 2010

Going to CKC in Louisville today-woot woot!!

I am heading off to Louisville Kentucky tomorrow for the CKC.. We are in a huge snow storm again here in WV-hoping to run out of tomorrow afternoon before we get buried under it too bad. They are calling for 8-14 inches here-shew!!! I can NOT wait for spring... It is not suppose to be snowing like this in Lexington and Louisville so me and my friend Wendy are taking off as soon as possible tomorrow. I can't wait.. We went last year. We had a blast-we stayed all day at the convention and would scrapbook in our room at night.. Here are a few pictures from my trip to Louisville last year.. Me with a few of the best scrapbooking albums ever!!! Hoping they have more-they were only $5.. heheI am buying stickles I think for the 1st time at Techique Tuesday. One of my favorite things now. This place has some awesome chipboard stuff too. Wendy buying some awesome chipboard stuff at Technique Tuesday..

Her is a picture of me in the hotel with some of the many things I bought while we were gone.. I didnt get them all at th convention of course. We hit every Big Lots between our houses and Louisville and all kinds of scrapbooking stores in Louisville too.. Me and Wendy all smiles-one of our favorite places to be-where they sell scrapbooking stuff-haha!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snobby Walrus Giveaway

Check out this monster RAK. It can be yours.. It will be given away to 1 lucky person.. IT is filled full of My Mind's Eye-Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Items... Just click on the picture and go to Snobby Walrus and sign up for the RAK...U have until Friday midnight Pacific time to sign Up and they will pick a winner Saturday. Good Luck!! but really-I hope I win-hehe..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 New Pages

I have did these 2 pages over the last week-just now getting a chance to post them.. The 1st one is of my daughter in 1998. She was only about 6 months old-she is now 12. Looking at that picture brings back all the memories of that day to me.. boo hoo!! I miss them.. Me and my friend Wendy worked on this page together at her house real fast one day-then I finished it at home.. I stitched around all the paper with a sowing maching.. I hand made the flowers.. The brown flowers were cut out of punches-then I wet the paper-ran it thru my cuttlebug-then i ink it-then scrunhced it all up in a wad and then unwaded it and let it dry-and it dryed so cool.. then just layered them with more flower punched flowers. I used yellow rhinestones in the middle of them. I cut out all the words with my cricut.. The word Angel was cut out with my graphically speaking cartridge which is turning out to be my favorite cartridge ... Then I used some different alpha cartridges on the others.
I made this page with my cousin Stephanie in Michigan a year ago I think. We had got the paper at a locally owned scrapbook store and then came home and made the page right up. I had everything done on the page except a title and pictures.. It is sooo hard to do a pre-made page without pictures-then fit pictures in-shewie!! I struggled here.. That is how come it took me so long to use the page.. I love it though. I am all about layering paper. Then inking it all up.. We cut the cute little penquins out of some of the paper. I cut the "together" out of my graphically speaking cartridge again..I think we cut the snowflakes out of one of the cartridges we had for the cricut.. I had to add lots of stickles of course..IT wouldnt be a page without it.. hehe These are pictures of me-my hubby, Roger-my daughter, Kandis-and my step-son, Clayton. One of the pictures is from Christmas Eve 2006 and the other is from this past Christmas Eve 2009.
I love these 3 sooo much!!!!
Hope someone gets inspired alittle..
Oh and I was excited to see yesterday that I have one of my newer pages featured on scrapbook challenges... check them out.. U will love that place and be as addicted to that site as me!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My A La Carte Prize

Here is the awesome prize I got in the mail about a week ago from Alpha @ A La Carte.. I won this for doing a scrapbook page in their November challenge.. I cant wait to make me some fall pages with all of this.. All of the paper is from Bo Bunny... It is all double sided too. I got 9 sheets of double sided paper and then the one shaped paper.. I got the alpha stickers. Then sticky brown leaf ribbon. I got some orange rick rack. Then finally I got some amazing flowers.
Here is a better pictures of the flowers.. they are very very delicate like.. One of them even broke in the bag when I was pulling it out.. They are all 3-D too. They are gonna pop right off the page.Here is a copy a picture of the sticky leaf ribbon and rick rack. It matches all of this PERFECT. Then here is a view of the flowers from the side-showing u how dimentional they are... Just a awesome Prize...
I have a few more contests that U can register on the sidebar here on my blog that end this month. Go and sign up for those free giveaways.. U never know-u might end up a winner..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More snow makes for good Scrappin

So snow seems to be the word we keep hearing here. We watch the weather constantly just to see if maybe we will miss the next "BIG ONE". lol We usually have mild winters-a couple inches here and a couple there.. BUT with this snow we have gotten the last few nights it makes our total for the winter up to like 4 foot. More like the weather my family is used to in Michigan all winter long and not us. They have got about a total of 1 foot maybe.. BUT on a good note I seem to be getting a lot of scrapbooking done on this late nights of snow, knowing we are having NO SCHOOL the next morning.. So far 2 days this week with NO school and last week 2 or 3 snow days. I am thinking with the way it is going we are gonna be going to school on the 4th of July. haha.
So me and my friend Wendy did get in a hour of speed scrappin on Monday. We hurried as fast as we could do this 1st page. We got our idea off of the cover of a scrapbook trends magazine that Wendy had just got. Ours looks quit different-i love it. This is my daughter and her Best friend and Boyfriend(yikes)-ice skating in January 2010. I didnt put my picture down until I had gotten home but had already did my sowing on mine so that is why the picture is not under the sowing.. I stickled my thicker letters.. and the little orange dotted circle in the middle. I cut my 2010 out on my cricut. I journaled on my computer.. This next page I had actually scrapbooked 2 years ago in Michigan with my cousin Stephanie.. I could never find the right pictures to put in it, until now. These are pictures from my daughters Christmas play at school called, Christmas Hang Ups. She was a hula girl and her and her friends were ornaments.. I sticked just about anything i could find on the sheet too.. haha.. We had cut out the trees from some paper-so i stickled those.. I love all the layering on this page.. I am glad I had waited on the pictures cuz these worked perfect on here!!
This final page I had also done in Michigan a couple years ago around New Years with my cousins Stephanie and Amy. I had always strugged with how little the circles were and what I could fit in them. BUT I had printed sooo many pictures off form Christmas this year at my husband's family that they worked perfect in this.. This is this Christmas Eve 2009. I used green glitter thickers on the Messer Holiday. The joy was cut out of the cricut and I stickled it with my diamond stickles. Then we used the eraser on a pencil to make the round white circles around the edges-we dipped them in white ink.. Then I stickled them with the diamond stickles.. Happy to have a couple new Christmas pages!!! I got tons more pages that are done just need pictures. I just got to get going on them.. hehe

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Class Valentines Party

I spent my Friday hanging out with my Daughter and her class from school at her teacher's house for a Valentines Party.. We were on a 2 hr delay for school because of more snow. Kandis' teacher had invited her class 5th/6th graders plus 3rd/4th & 7th graders. The kids had a blast. Food & games & prizes galore.. This is Kandis' teacher's daughter, Paige & Kandis. She graduated last year from RCS. Kandis got to cheer with her last year. Kandis' kinda looks like Paige's mini me. Kandis spent the majority of the day stuck to her.. It was cute. We miss seeing Paige everyday!!
This was all the kids getting ready to play a game of Left & Right.
This is the kids scattered on the floor everywhere playing alittle Valentines Bingo.
Kandis concentraiting - making sure she didnt miss any words..
The cute little treatbags that Kandis' teacher, Mrs Starr, made for her class. Such cute bags with all kinds of cute treats inside..
All the yummy desserts we had to munch on. We had pizza and chicken nuggets with chips and some sausage and cheese dip with tortillas for lunch. Then U name it we about had it for dessert: we had so many cupcakes I think we could of all had a couple each, fudge, brownies, cake, cookies & chocolate covered pretzels and more.. It was a great time.. Kandis being in 6th grade this year I know there will not be many more of these parties.. So just trying to enjoy them while they last.. SO now I just need to order me some new pictures now to scrapbook a couple new valentine pages.. lol

Mr Gallon Man

Kandis had a Project for school this week. She had to make a Mr Gallon Man. I had no idea what this meant but she insisted she knew exactly what to do and how to make him.. She said she was gonna go in my scrapbook room and she would make him in there.. I always feel a little bad becuz' I always feel like a lot of people might think I help her with her school projects a lot.. Well a Social Studies Project, I gotta help with. BUT she made this and came out to show me and I was like oh my gees.. Is he suppose to be life size.. She said yeah as long as everything was the exact same lenth-each arm-then each smaller arm-then each finger.. She still had to explain what he was to me.. Of course it made more sense when she expaines how the cups equaled pints then so many pints equaled quarts then so many quarts equal a gallon.. I am sooo bad at measurements.. Kandis is great, just like her Daddy. I think I missed the whole week or month we went over that part at school when I was younger.. I was proud of the job she did, all by herself. Then of course, it was the biggest Gallon Man there! haha Kandis said well if you are gonna do something you might as well go BIG........ gotta love it... I hope she always continues to think this way... This will forsure be a future scrapbook page... OF COURSE!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I did another page the other night.. I dont know why I can be home doing nothing all day but then at 11pm start scrapbooking.. I guess I am just a night owl scrapbooker when I am scrapbooking alone. This is me and my husband back in August 2009. My sister in law, Kimberly, took this.. She owns a portrait studio, . She does a awesome job. I used my techinique tuesday hearts on this page.. I just covered them in paper. I printed the LOVEYOU off of my cricut.. I just threaded my buttons and put snot dots behind them. I used my label maker for my journaling.. It says- I could Kiss you for eternity-glad U are mine forever... I love this page.. Simple but pretty.. All this paper is from one paper pack but I shared it with one of my friends and we didnt write down what pack it was for me.. soooo... and of course I ink everything with my Tim Holtz distressing ink.. I love to do that ...

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Baby Girl

Today is my Birthday-woot woot!! lol.. I stayed up late last night and did a scrapbook page.. I cleaned all day yesterday so I wouldnt have to do anything today-but wanted to scrapbook all day soo bad. SO I didnt start until 10pm and didnt finish until 1pm-but I stopped for a bath and stuff inbetween. So I made this on my birthday too. I am such a slow scrapbooker it yurks me sometimes-shew!! I dont know why either but oh well.. Maybe not so bad if I am scrappin with someone but if I am alone-geesh!!!
So this is Me on December 19, 1997 the day my daughter was born. This is the 1st time I got to hold Kandis hours and hours after my c-section.. I had her at 1:35am I think and it was 7am before I got to hold her. I looked alittle loopy here if U cant tell -haha.. I made the flowers my self with some punches I have-and added the jewels. I used some pretty paper out of a DCWV Spring Glitter pack-I just used the sides that didn't have the glitter so i could use all yellows. I used some black stickles on it. I freehanded my stickle dots-so they are alittle wild-1st time I had did that-I like it but I need to learn to space more and learn to get the same amount of stickle out on each dot. I wanted to use a cream big flower instead of the purple flower but I didnt have one and other then the purple-nothing else really looked right and I didnt want a yellow flower there.. So this is what I used-not sure about it still-might see if I can bum a cream flower from my FLOWER friend-hehe.. I need lots and lots more BIG flowers-and yellow flowers. Besides petaloos I dont own ANY yellow big or small flowers-its funny.. I love my journaling around the circle.. .. I hope to do another page or so today?? Never know.. Hope U like it?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Won Kiki Art Giveaway!!

Just wanted to post a picture of the great stuff I won the other day. I won some Kiki Art paper-chipboard glitter hearts-decorative heart funtape-and buttons. It is all from Kiki's Amor line. I won this off of Sarah's blog-named Red Oak Lines . The only thing I had to do to win was become a follower of her blog-add a comment to her blog that day about the contest-then advertise the contest on my blog.. So I put up a sidebar on my blog showing a picture of giveaway. Then I was picked as the winner. I got my prize just a few days later. It is beautiful paper-all flocked or glittered paper-2 sheets of each. I am so happy. So thankful for the stuff Sarah GAVE to me. So if U havent hopped around on blogs like this-give it a try-U never know-U may win U some blog candy.Just like I did.Thanks again Sarah & Kiki Art.