Sunday, November 27, 2011


a page I started on the beginning of last week and just finished tonight.. this is my very best friend from childhood-Jennifer and her daughter Lexi with me and my daughter -Kandis.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brand New

I guess I am n a SHAPE mode lately. .. It is either all stars or all circles-hehe. Here is another page of my little nephew Jaydyn James and my daugher Kandis.. For some reason my scanning program was going nuttos trying to scan this-i think all the circles was throwing it off so I just took a picture of it with my cell phone, which does not do it justice at all.. Lots and lots of layering on this page. I made a circle for the green and brown polka paper-and then half a circle for the white and polka dot paper next laying on that.. Layers some paper with some designs on the egdes that I cut out.. I sure need some edge punches-hehe.. THen just cut out circles for the bottoms.. All this paper was from 1 single pad which I do NOT have the name of-me and my friend halfed it up and shared it.. I did my journaling on the green strips. My brand is stickers and my NEW is cricut letters. Then my little baby is a jolee emblessishment.. I put it all on brown paper and then trimmed a inch off the brown paper and put it on white.. Super sweet page of my super sweet sweeties!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nik Nik

Simple page after I cut out the pink page.. I like that there isnt too much on this.. This is my little Nik Nik who is not so little enough anymore... Big enough to get married.. She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. The lite pink dress she wore at her reception-it was amazing. I pulled out my decorative scissors to make the design around my little circle. I had not used those in so long. I love the white flowers on the white paper.. Simple but elegant page!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day-2011

Kandis was having a Veteran's Day program at school today.. SO she wore some of her Daddy's Marine clothes from back in the day.. He was in the Marine's from 1989-1996. I thought she looked pretty cute!!

Showing off the stripes!

Last night-Roger and Kandis played dress up in some of Roger's Marine Uniforms.. I bet not many Marine's can still wear their blues after being out of the military for 15 years.. My guy had it going on.. This picture is so sweet!!

Kandis Faye in one of the uniforms posing for Mom!

Kandis being a little silly

How precious! Roger showing Kandis how to salute!

My heart!

My man looks GOOD in a UNIFORM!

My Marine Veteran! SO Proud of him. I love him so much!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Marine!!

My Marine celebrated his birthday today.. along with all his other brothers. He is getting pretty old but he looks great to be over 200 years old-hehe.. They celebrate 236 years today.. November 10 is a very special day to my man.. He was in the Marine Corps for 7 years before I meet him.. BUT let me say it is a thing that will be a part of him for the rest of his life!! Even though I was never a MARINE wife - I feel like I am a little..
This top page is part of a scrapbook page I did for Roger years and years and years ago when I 1st started scrapbooking.. I would never ever share the page-haha.. It is so bad.. I made Roger a whole book about his Marine Corp days with his friends.. Oh how I need to go back and redo the whole book now.. If only we all used digital cameras back then and I could get those pictures back I used.. shew!!!!

I did this page a few years ago.. It's a good page.. well good enough to share..

I am so proud of who Roger was and is still .. Him and my daughter did some modeling for me-kinda played dress up in his military uniforms.. I will post some of them tomorrow.. I can feel some pages coming on soon-hehe..

Happy Birthday Honey -and to all Marines..

Happy Veterans Day tomorrow to all men serving and all vets who have served.. I am so thank-ful to live in a FREE country. I am very proud to be a AMERICAN!!!!

Friends Forever

My best friend and cousin from Michigan, Steff and me goofin off at my house here in WV.. My daughter had my camera and caught some awesome pictures of us.. I loved the way they turned out and loved the way my page turned out.. Hope U do too!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Having a Ball

Another volleyball page of my girl!! I wanted to do a page of her without the "school colors" like I usually do.. i love all the pastels on this.. I am loving all the little flag banners lately. I think I could put them on every page I do-ha!! I had got a great steal on a flag punch at Big Lots and I have so misplaced it my scrapbooking room somewhere. I guess that means it's time to clean it up really good again. I have looked and looked and it is no where to be found.. Maybe it is hiding under one of my huge piles of STUFF-haha..I like how the title on this is different stickers and then I used my cricut for the BALL .. I again did some hand journaling.. SOmthing I am into right now.. Happy Scrapping !!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 RCS Volleyball Season-8th Grade

I got the proofs for my daughter's volleyball pictures today... OH I love them soo much!!! One of my very best friends did the pictures this year and last-Jenelle. She owns Limelight Photography. U can see more of her work at!/pages/Limelight-Photography-by-J-Martin/128208880550739 .
The group shot looks amazing!! I love these girls!!!

Another season has come and gone.. It will be sad next year - we are loosing 3 seniors after this year.. It has been a great year though.. Looking forward to 2012 now..

New Addition

Our family got a new addition last November 30, 2011-my little nephew-Jaydyn James Thompson. Here he is at my daughter's 13th birthday party with my Mom and Dad-aka-Grandma and Papaw. He was only 3 weeks old. His very 1st birthday party. He will be turning 1 year old in a couple weeks. I got this pack of boy paper just to make pages of him-hehe.. I haven't done very many boy pages. I cut out my NEW ADDITION on my graphically speaking cartridge. I rounded the corners on the paper-put a piece of ribbon down-cut out sme hearts-matted the picture-and put a few odd pieces of jewel clusters I had left down. I did all my journaling on strips. So simple but so sweet to me.
Hope everyone has a GREAT Weekend!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

13th Birthday

I got this sketch from somewhere I just dont remember where.. I love how it turned out for me.. I am all about scrapping on white or cream paper.. i love the look of it. This is Kandis last December on her 13th birthday. She will soon be 14-makes my heart hurt.. My paper is from K&Company. I have been trying to hand write all my journaling lately-just so my hand writing will be on my pages for Kandis one day.. I know how much it means to me to find something that my grandma Thompson wrote before she passed.. SO I figured one day when I am long gone -maybe someone will feel the same way about me-hehe..
I am on a roll-i think this makes 2 or 3 pages the last 3 days-haha..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sing It

Kandis last year at School-in 7th grade-singing at a program they were invited too. I think it was a Veterans Day Program maybe. She sung a song. She loves to sing-I love to hear and watch her sing for the Lord-she puts her whole heart and sould into it.. She loves the Lord so much. Simple page I scraplifted off another blog tonight.. I changed it up a little..Nothing hard about this.. Hope U like it!

Stars all Around

I love this new green and black page!! That is me cheering this time last year-2010 at a Alumni football game they had at my old school.. My school closed this year-and combined with a BIG NICE new High School with 3 of the other surrounding High Schools in this area.. So they did a tribute to all the alumni at the football game and let us actually CHEER the entire football game just like in the OLD days-haha.. It will be 20 years this May since I graduated High School. I think I did pretty good.. I know I had a blast and I am so glad I participated. These girls with me n the bottom picture are a few of the girls from the years I cheered.. Oh what awesome times we used to have-and what a great time we had that night..
So I had done this page before for my daughter - for her volleyball.. I had remembered I had bought some of the paper from my High School before a local scrapbooking store went out of business and was dying to try it out with MY COLORS!! I think it turned out great.. I used Wendy Baisden's - Easy Star template-by Hot Off the Press for all my stars! Then just layered lots of paper.. I had another template that I could use for the placement of my gems. I did all my journaling on the computer. I inked everything up and taped it all down. This isnt the page I did for my daughter, BUT this is the exact same page I did for Kandis just went different pictures.. I did this page a few weeks ago for 3 of the seniors on my daughters volleyball team at school. We had a senior night at one of the games and I made this page for each of the girls and we put it in a 12X12 frame for them.. I hope they liked it?!?