Friday, October 28, 2011

8th Grade

My little #1 Volleyball player is going on her 4th year on the Varsity Volleyball team at her school.. She goes to a Christian school and we dont have enough girls for a JV team so there for-she gets to play with the BIG girls.. Which hasnt hampered any of her play time.. She is a starter... For the last 2 years now. She keeps improving even more each each. I can only imagine how awesome she is gonna be by the time she gets in 10th and 11th grade-and she is GOOD already-haha..
SO all my time has been with her and on volleyball for the last 2 months.. Volleyball games and practice non-stop.. Starting to get some time in to scrapbook some of the billion pictures I have taken over the last few months.. This is just a few.
This page is so simple I am not even gonna explain anything .. I had that paper that had Regional Christian on the side of it and it just worked out for me perfect there.. Now that I sit and stare at this I am thinking I am gonna put her name up the side of the picture of U can never have too much-haha..
I got a few more new pages I will post in the next few days.. I have been scrapbooking a lot-just for others and not for myself-making some books for some people. Just isnt as fun as making them for myself-hehe..
Hope everyone has a happy TGIF!!!