Thursday, July 22, 2010

a day with HILLBILLIES in Pikeville

Here is a 2 page layout I did on Monday. I love to do 2 page layouts-becuz' I get so many pictures on them, and everyone knows that I take a lot of pictures of every occasion. My daughter went to a pool party with some friends Monday so after I dropped her off me and Wendy did this page.. This is a lot of pictures from April 2010-at the 37th Annual Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, Ky. It takes us about 30 minutes to get there. It is just like a big fair/craft thing. Tons and tons and tons of food-soo many rides-then crafts and other stuff to purchase.. This made me and my daughters 1st time there.. My Mom had not ever went either.. SO she went with us and we took my daughter's lil boyfriend-then Wendy and her son were already there when we got there. Then my brother's girlfriend went with us too.. The kids rode rides for a couple of hours. It was so hot-me and Kim sat under shaded tree in a park and ate yummy food and listened to bluegrass music(which I hate by the way). hehe
We cut several circles out from the paper and put patterned paper behind it-like the stars & flowers- U buy that in 12X12 sheets. Then we just randomly places circle pictures about the pages. I did all my journaling around each of the circles-just explaining everything we did-ate-and bought that day.hehe.. This will be a great 2 page layout for my daughter to look back on one day-and remember this day by.. We got the idea out of a recent scrapbook magazine we had got. I forget which one though..
Here is one of the hillbilly trucks that was riding around the town that day.. Later in the day they had a huge parade.. I would of luved to have seen that.. I can imagine how funny it was..
Ok-I scrapbooked the top half of this on my page-but I think U need to see the whole picture to see the panties.. I wanted to get a picture of the guys.. Well he said ok can someone hold your water and take your camera-we want u in it. I say yea-so he reaches in his pocket and pulls out this big bloomers-and says get in-we are all dying laughing.. My legs are about the color of paper-haha.. This is just sooo funny..
This is my Mom coming down the house of mirrors.. Holding someone's yummy lemonade.. Everybody went in and they didnt realize u had to ride the slide to get down. It was soo funny-the slide was sooo slick-they would about fall when they got to the bottom-haha
Here is me-Wendy-Kandis-and Cory.
This is Kandis and her marshmellow gun she bought... and she was shooting me like crazy before we could even leave that place-haha. It is just made out of pipes and painted-LOL
Most people go to Hillbilly Days for the food.. Wendy bought these potatoes that were fried-they were almost like potato chips or something.. She was sharing with us all.. Mom and Mikey were enjoying. My favorite thing besides the homemade lemonade was my funnel cake.. I love them.. Me-Kandis-Cory-Kim all sat in the park and pigged out with them.. hehe

Hope U enjoyed my page and a few pictures!!!!

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