Monday, June 28, 2010

July 4-2009-FUN

It's been a yucky day here in WV... Not the way u want to start out a Monday... I had to take my daughter to the dr's office this morning.. She has swimmers ear.. Yep-never fails-she gets it every year.. My parents have a inground pool-and we live 10 ft from it-lol... So no underwater swimming for her for a few days. I got wax earplugs for her too-I am sure that will not last long though.. We had a huge huge thunderstorm while we were waiting on her meds to get filled-we were in Walmart-WOW!!! It was awful.. It looked like a hurricane outside and sounded like it inside walmart.. We got home and had no electric for about 3 or 4 more hours.. Then our cabel and internet didnt come on for 3 more hours.. soooo.. not the way I wanted to spend my Monday-haha.. I really wanted to be laying on a float in the pool-ha... SO with no cable or tv-I made a layout.. I got the idea out of a new creating keepsake book.. This is last 4th of July-2009. This is my Mom-Me and my cousin from Michigan, Brian-my daughter and my step son, Clayton.. We had a blast with the sparklers as U can tell.. haha..
I cut my pictures into 3 inchs x 2 and 3/4.. so they would fit like that.. I matted them on a white piece of cardstock.. Then I matted that on a piece of red/blue star paper.. I just cut me a strip of white and taped it down.. And had this flag ribbon I used.. I used thickers for my letters. I had those cute Jolee's by You I had gotten at Big Lots for $1.25.. Then added a few star brads. It was a super fast page....
SO my cable is back on and I have lots to look at now.. SO hope u like-hehe

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