Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Fall Angel

A cute Fall page that me and my cousin, Steff, done a couple weeks ago-Again while I was visiting in Michigan.. I am in love with all these fall colors.. I wasn't too big on the whole leaves to the side at 1st, because I had gotten new HUGE brown flowers that I thought would go perfect there but this seems to have worked perfect-Thanks Steff for pushing me there.. hehe.. I got that awesome cloth lace at a flea market.. I am just now starting to really dig into all the great goodies I got back in Feb at this awesome flea market that me and Wendy hit when we were in Lousiville at CKC this year. My butterflies and jewels were from CKC. I printed my letters from a cricket. Then I stickled them. I rounded all my corners and ta da!!!! My scanner program didnt do the best job on this page but still looking better then a normal picture taken..

I am off for a busy week-end of Volleyball tournaments with my daughter and her team a couple hours away from home. We are staying all night tomorrow.. So I will have some more awesome pictures of my little #1 Eagle Volleyball Player to scrap after this week-end. Hope everyone has a awesome weekend!!!! Fall is surely HERE!!!!

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