Friday, April 30, 2010

My Family

Got a few more pages done this week... I think I am back in the groove again. Me and my friend Wendy scrapbooked 2 days this week.. Here is one of the pages I made this week.. It is "my family". It is me, my husband, my Mom, my Dad, my Brother, and my Daughter. The picture was taken the beginning of June last year at my Grandpa's funeral in Michigan. It is the 1st picture I have had of all 6 of us in forever and forever...
We did a little sowing here-and I am soooo not good at it-if u look closely u can tell.. haha... We seen a page like this in a new scrapbook trends magazine out. We just made it our own. I love my lace-I got this at a flea market in Lousville in Feb this year when I went to CKC.. And if U watch the next few pages I put up U will notice a big bunch of gems.. I got some cool clearance ones the other day at Michael's.. BUT of course I still need more-LOL

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Got to Scrap-YAY!

Well me and my Friend Wendy finally took a whole day and did nothing but scrapbook while our kiddies were in school on Wednesday of this week. It had been weeks and weeks since either of us had put a new page out. So to get our creative selves going-we got some of our new scrapbooking magazines out and copied some pages.. We got great ideas and turned them to our own. So if any of them look familar to U-that is why.. We both got 4 pages done in no time today.. It has totally put me back into the swing of it..
Here is Kandis in 2000. She was only 2 and half years old.. Seems so unreal that this was 10 years ago cuz i can remember this day as clear as ever.. This is her dress she wore for a wedding as the flower girl for my husband's cousin's wedding. The 1st of many for her-lol. I took her to Olan Mills to get these pictures and it was so hot and humid out that by the time we got there her hair had all kinked up. So her hair was NOT in pony tails -hehe.. She did get Kid of the Week out of the 3rd picture too-aawwww!! lol.. I am not totaly done with this page-I want to hand stitch a stitch around the edges of the white cardstock.. I just have not got to it yet.. i will though-soon. This is my beautiful Mother in law with all her Girl Grandbabies. My sister in law-Kim ... I still have to journal on this.. My least favorite thing to do.. BUT I will not be finished with it until I do that.. Sometimes I just have to think about it.. I love to have the journaling-I think that is the most important I just seem to be the worst with the words.. I havent totally decided where to add it either.. I think i will put it either around the white of the edges or around the curves of the yellow clock?? I am in love with my new butterflys I got at CKC in Louisville. I bought tons of them in all colors.. SO U will see tons of them I am sure...

I have actually had this page done for probably 3 or 4 weeks and it has been sitting on my scrap table.. I had everything but a title on it and a picture.. SO once I got the picture still had not decided on what for the title.. BUT after a trip to Michaels the other day-I came home with this beautiful ALL OF US. It worked perfect and when I seen it I knew where it was going.. It was n the clearance bin too.. I got several of these title gem stone things. The picture really does not do it justice.. It is made of all jewels and the US is in baby blue.. I have decided to let my mother in law-Karis- do my journaling around the edges of the lite blue on all 4 sides.. I think it will be awesome to have her handwriting on this page . I think I am gonna have to start doing this morning often so I can get other people's handwriting down on pages forever!!!!
This is my Husband n my baby girl.. Kandis was just a few days old. SO this was Dec 1997-probably around Christmas.. These pictures melt everything within me.. They make me smile from the inside out.. I love these 2 more then anything.. oh how time has flown by
This is all the Messer Grandkids except Baby Nathan who happens to be 1 year now. At this point he was tired of taking pictures.. This is August 2009. These pictures were also taken by my sister in law Kim Messer who owns a photography studio, Eve Photography . There is another one of my butterflys I got at CKC and a pack of jewels that I got there also-in every color... I love this green. hehe

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am the Featured Member on Scrapbook Challenges for the Rest of April

I got so excited about a month or so ago to find out I was picked to be a featured member for the month of April on Scrapbook Challenges. It is such a great thing to be featured. They put a good size picture of U up - and a Bio - and some questions - then they feature some of your work.. So I will be featured from today April 15th til the end of this month...

This is what is written about me on my feature on my Bio and my questions I answered. there are the 5 pages I picked to let be featured.. Just a few of my favorites.. SO hard to choose.. lol

Hello my name is Kelly. I was born a city girl in Michigan but can officially say I am a country girl now since I have lived here in WV now for the last 28 1/2 years. I still believe that those 7 1/2 years in the city have made me who I am now. I have been married for almost 13 years-met my husband on a blind date set up by my little brother. We have a 12 year old daughter named Kandis-incase U have NOT seen my scrapbook pages. I have to admit she is truly my life. I stay very very busy with her. She is in 6th grade and plays volleyball and cheerleads for her Christian School she goes too. I live for the summer. I love the hot sun, flip flops, french manicure on my toes, shorts, tans, amusement parks, NO school, sleeping in late, and laying out by our pool all day long. I have a major sweet tooth-lol. I would rather have sweets and chocolate then a meal. I could skip dinner and go straight to dessert any day. The next thing I love is to sleep-haha. I don't get very much during school but when school is out me and my daughter make up for it. We will stay up late and sleep in late. I am very close to my family-I actually live next door to my parents and love it. I am very thankful for such great parents. I think I have been scrapbooking faithfully for 7 years, no more than 8. Me and my cousin, Steffany, from Michigan had decided we were gonna start scrapping so we went and bought the essentials (we thought) to get started when she visited once. So we bought our stuff and then we didn’t even scrapbook until a year later. I don’t even remember why? Boys have my scrapbook pages changed over the last 7 years too, wowie!! I look back at the old ones now and laugh my head off but I am not changing them because that shows how much I have improved-hehe. I went from having my stuff in a bag, to a container, to now having almost a whole room of my own. I think I enjoy buying the scrapbooking stuff as much I as enjoy scrapbooking. That in itself is a major addiction!! hehe I scrapbook in spurts, I will go awhile and scrapbook everyday for weeks. Then I will go a couple weeks and sometimes a month and not touch anything in my scrapbook room. I Love to scrapbook with someone way better then by myself, I think that is always a big encourager too. I have some major addictions-jewels, stickles, flowers & pedaloos. I really need to use what I have bought now though before I buy anymore. I used to buy loose paper all the time, but I have only bought the big paper packs for the last couple of years-sooo much cheaper and I seem to use them way more. I love to layer paper, Ink anything, and tear paper. Just a few things I do on every page almost. I used to not journal on my pages but only would make sure the date was on the page. I try to make sure I journal on almost every page now-I think this is what is gonna be important on the scrapbook pages after they are passed down from generation to generation. I think we need to make sure U list who is on the pictures, because 3 generations down the way, they are gonna lose track of who people are and then the scrapbook pages are NOT gonna mean anything to anybody like they do to us or our family now. That is the reason I scrapbook too. I scrapbook to preserve the memories of my family. I want to pass down pictures, places, events and people from my family, to my daughter, to my daughter’s kids and on. What a great thing these books will be to show our history. They don’t seem like so much now but 100 years or more down the road they will... So remember-JOURNAL!!!Blog: long have you been scrapbooking: I think for 7 or 8 years. I believe I started scrapbooking when my daughter was in kindergarten. Seems like that is when I remember starting to make books and pages for teachers-heheFavorite products: I love all things Tim Holtz-Ink especially. I love love Glimmer Mist and seem to have to put at least a dot of it on every page I do lately. I love my xyron sticker maker-I have a tiny one and the biggest one they make-I use the small one every time I scrapbook. It makes it so easy when I use my cricket to just run the letters thru it and then just stick them down. My edge distresser-love to make everything look like that-hehe.Favorite technique: Layering lots n lots of paper on one 12X12 page-the more paper the better. Then of course U have to ink it all.Why do you scrapbook: I scrapbook so we have the memories from that day . So we can look back and see and know by the journaling what we were doing and when and where and the date. I scrapbook for my daughter-so one day she can have all of these books for herself-like a journal of her life-a book for each school year-and every Christmas and birthday.. SO she can look back and see and remember all things good. Then I scrapbook the old pictures of her family and grandparents so she can know her family and her history. SO she can also pass these down to her kids and they pass them down-so our history will NOT be forgotten.Favorite color scheme: I love all paper-not really picky-if there is pretty paper-I can probably find a picture to go with it-even green and blue. I do use a lot of yellow and pink and purple…but I love it all...What size do you usually scrap: I used to only scrapbook 2 page 12X12 layouts.. I take a lot of pictures so I like to use a lot of pictures on a page, but since I have been scrapbooking a lot with my friend Wendy over the last year-she has got me doing 1 page layouts.. I like these too-I do miss using so many pictures though. I have never scrapbooked anything other than 12X12 thoughWhat do you love most about scrapping: Besides shopping for the stuff to scrapbook with and my new love for CKC's-lol I love when U get a page all done and u just look at it.. I love the idea that someday long time from now-I may have a grandchild or great grandchild looking at these too.What do you dislike most about scrapping: I hate when I want to scrapbook and just sit there and can’t get motivated-when I want to scrapbook with someone and I have no one-hehe.. Besides that-nothing to Hate-I love it all-lolHere are a few of Kelly's Favorite Pages: