Thursday, September 30, 2010

WV University Day

This is a page I have worked on for over a month-I just finished it when I was in Michigan. I seen a layout similar to this a long time ago and knew this would be perfect for this once I got this HOT OFF THE PRESS Easy Star Template made by my friend Wendy Baisden. I made all the stars with the template with scrap paper I had. I used my Cricket to cut out my letters. I did ink the outside of the white paper but when I scanned it U can not see it all. I love to scrapbook on plain white paper. I love how clean it looks with all the colors. The rest of this is just self explanatory. Hope this would be a easy page for someone to lift... I know I gotta make this page for my daughter's teacher's book I made her last year. She is a WV University crazy.. hehe..

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