Wednesday, December 29, 2010

With December came LOTS of Snow

As December comes to a end so is our HUGE piles of snow and ice that are piled up everywhere around us.. We had a very white Christmas here in WV this year.. It used to be the big question wether we would see any snow in the month of December here or not.. Now the big question the last 2 years is-HOW MUCH SNOW will be getting this month.. My daughter missed so much school for snow days last year her school had to resort to Saturday school all spring.. So hoping that in 2011 ole Man Winter will take it easy on us.. We have probably had snow covering our ground for over 2 weeks or longer now.. We got another huge wave of it Christmas Day night into the 26th and some of 27th.. On top of the already ice packed snow we already had I would say we were working on a foot.. hehe.. I think everyone around here is getting just a little bit more used to driving on the snow then they ever have.. ME-naaaaa. I still stay put when the roads are covered.. I dont feel like sliding off the side of a cliff.. lol
My best friend's daughter from Nashville, Lexi, got to stay with us a night this week. I was sooooo glad.. It meant Kandis had a sleigh riding buddy and it wasnt me.. They had a blast.. I didnt even brave it past the door taking pictures-the wind was blowing so hard and U cant really tell but it was POURING the snow at the same time.. burrrr!!!! Of course with sleigh riding comes all the layers of clothes and boots 1st.. hahaThe girls didnt seem to mind the cold-wind-or snow at all.. They braved it outside for over a hour or longer.. Kandis had to show Lexi how safe the BIG hill by our house was before she would make the journey down with her.. BUT after 1 trip down a lone-Lexi joined right in... See-taking pictures from the inside of my house-hehe

And again-I dont think my sweetie minds all this snow and snow days from school..

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