Monday, June 28, 2010

July 4-2009-FUN

It's been a yucky day here in WV... Not the way u want to start out a Monday... I had to take my daughter to the dr's office this morning.. She has swimmers ear.. Yep-never fails-she gets it every year.. My parents have a inground pool-and we live 10 ft from it-lol... So no underwater swimming for her for a few days. I got wax earplugs for her too-I am sure that will not last long though.. We had a huge huge thunderstorm while we were waiting on her meds to get filled-we were in Walmart-WOW!!! It was awful.. It looked like a hurricane outside and sounded like it inside walmart.. We got home and had no electric for about 3 or 4 more hours.. Then our cabel and internet didnt come on for 3 more hours.. soooo.. not the way I wanted to spend my Monday-haha.. I really wanted to be laying on a float in the pool-ha... SO with no cable or tv-I made a layout.. I got the idea out of a new creating keepsake book.. This is last 4th of July-2009. This is my Mom-Me and my cousin from Michigan, Brian-my daughter and my step son, Clayton.. We had a blast with the sparklers as U can tell.. haha..
I cut my pictures into 3 inchs x 2 and 3/4.. so they would fit like that.. I matted them on a white piece of cardstock.. Then I matted that on a piece of red/blue star paper.. I just cut me a strip of white and taped it down.. And had this flag ribbon I used.. I used thickers for my letters. I had those cute Jolee's by You I had gotten at Big Lots for $1.25.. Then added a few star brads. It was a super fast page....
SO my cable is back on and I have lots to look at now.. SO hope u like-hehe

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I scrapbooked a few older pictures here. These pictures are from Thanksgiving 2008. This is my Mom and Dad(aka Grandma & Papaw), me and my husband(Roger), and my daughter(Kandis). We are at her school for the annual Thanksgiving dinner. She was so blessed that it worked out that everyone got to come this year..
This page was just a lot of layering paper and some ripping of the paper with some inking of course.. lol I ripped off the top of my pictures. I just a piece of ribbon to go across the page with a chipboard embell I had.. The Thankful letters are some chipboard stickers. My Autumn and my leaves are some wire embellies I had from way back. I did my journaling around the bottom of the paper .. For some reason I am thinking it needs something else-but I can not figure out what.. I have stuck stuff there to see if it looked right and it doesnt-SO if u have any suggestions-let me know-Pleeeeeeze!!! lol

My Girl

Ok seriously-I got a bit happy and sad all at one time looking at this picture of my baby girl.. I can NOT pinpoint the date on this but I know it had to be sometime in the SPRING of 98-sooo I am thinking Kandis is 5 or 6 months old.. It could be summer but thinking NO-lol... oh my baby girl is 12 and half now and so big-time has flown-I just dont know where it went. I know everyone thinks there babies were the sweetest sooo I have to bragg that mine really was-haha.. She loved the barn-like she does now-we all fought over her neck sugar-it was so cute. Oh what I would do to have a few of those baby days back with her.. shew!!!!
SO me and Wendy did this page the other day instead of cleaning like we should of been doing at her bed and breakfast.. I am trying to get Wendy's scrapping juices going again.. The page turned out great. I love this ADORABLE sticker that Wendy let me have. Then the other journaling circle at the top was a stamp she had.. Lots of pretty's on this-including the baby-hehe..
ENJOY-cuz I did!!! hehe

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She Loves the Pool

Super quick page I threw together last night before I went to bed.. I used a cream solid paper as my background.. Then a cream and green designed paper as my second paper and all I did was rip it and ink it some.. Then I had a green piece of design paer that I ripped and put down. I cut my letters from my lyrical letters cricut cartridge. My heart was a plain 3-d heart that I stickled purple.. I used a piece of ribbon down the side and added a few mini Tim Holtz staples down the side too. I had some plastic green and white flowers I used on different spots. Then I did all my journaling down the side.. I like the way it turned out..
This is this summer-June 2010-My daughter in my parents pool-Next store to us-hehe!!

Birthday Wish

This is a old picture but a new page of my daughter on her 10th Birthday in 2007. I got the idea for this page out of a OLD Scrapbook Trends magazine from 2007. I a big yellow and a big orange flower layer on top of each other for the top. My yellow letters are thickers that I put diamond stickles on. I copied my little card at the bottom from another card I had but it was a different color that I didnt want to use-and now I can use it again or copy it again for something else.. I used a template to trace around the edges with a white pen. Then I filled in the empty space inside the white pen with liquid glass to give it a glossy wet look. The scan just doesnt do it justice..
I got in the mood to scrap tonight and did 2 pages. I will post the other one tomorrow!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog!!!! Happy HUMP day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back 2 School

The last of 15 pages in Mrs Starr's book. I am hoping to add 5 more pages to it over the summer. This is on the 1st day of school this year that just past-in August 2009. Kandis is in 6th grade-in the green t-shirt.
I started with green cardstock. Then I cut a inch off each side of brown cardstock and matted it to the green. I had some school paper and I cut a long strip of the red-and rounded the corners on it. Added the picture and round the one corner on it.. The blue strips on the outside of the journaling were done with my blue glimmermist. I did the journaling on my computer. I added another small piece of stripped cardstock to the top and rounded it's corner. I used red thickers for my title on the top. I cut a thin green strip of cardstock and added it down the middle. The black letters are just some thick cardstock stickers I have. Then the jewels are part of some jewels clusters I have.. Cute page... Now it's time for me to copy all 15 of these pages and change my journaing around for Kandis' 6th grade book-hehe

Christmas Play

Another page I did for the teacher's book. This one is from their Christmas play at school in 2008-Kandis was then in 5th grade.. My daughter is the beautiful White Angel-hehe.. Mrs Starr's kids got the majority of the speaking parts and main characters this year-becuz of their ages.. It was a awesome page-and I feel in love with this picture of them all.
Another super easy page.. I just matted my photo to brown paper-then matted it again to a blue paper and then I ruffed the edges up on that. Then I matted it again on a cream paper and inked it all.. I made corner pieces for 4 places-big ones for the outside of the matts and put jewels on them and then corners on the inside of 2 corners of the pictures again with jewels. I added a part of a jewel cluster I had. Then I added a decorative strip i had in white. Iput some flowers on the corner.. Oh and I see I added 2 more corners on the 2 opposite sides of the edges of the decorative paper-i used snowflake paper. I used my white pen and marked on corner pieces.. I made me a circle out of paper from the same pack as the snowflake and I distressed it too and inked it all up. I did my journaling on the computer and then matted it.. I didnt realize I matted that much on this-lol. I added a few journaling strips from the computer on top. Then I bent over the corner and snot dotted it down-I should of used my tim holtz staple gun for that-lol.. I put a piece of designed paper behind it since my paper was not double sided. That's it. Just a lot of cutting and matting is all.. I have ths stuff all ready for me to do this for Kandis' book now.. hehe
Hope U liked it.. Leave me some comments-please!! lol

Monday, June 14, 2010


Another simple page that took hardly no time to finish.. This is Mrs. Starr's 5th and 6th grade classes this past Christmas-2009 at our local mall. The kids went shopping for secret santa gifts for each other..
I love my jewel words I got at Michaels on clearance. I had some christmas paper I used on the top. I round the coners on my pictures n paper.. I used a flower with rhinestone and did all my journaling again with my white ink pen.. ..
if u try any of my pages out yourself-leave me a link and let me see!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Limelight Photography by J. Martin

Thursday Me, Kandis, my step-son, Clayton, one of my best friends, Jenelle, and her son, Nathan went to the Breaks Interstate Park. Jenelle has a studio named Limelight Photography!/photos.php?id=1222405587, These pictures of my daughter are incredible.. She took lots of pictures of her in different outfits in several different places but these are the 1st two pictures she has got to edit.. The one of her in the water is my favorite i think so far-out of the 2 -LOL! I am sure I will be changing my mind soon.
This one is incredible. It makes Kandis look way older then 12. hehe.. I love her big brown eyes here.. Just beautiful...
I just had to brag on my friend.. Then of course brag on my baby girl..
thanks for taking a look !!!

School Time

1st Day of the new school year for 2009/2010 at Regional Christian School. This is Kandis and her class with her teacher-Mrs Starr. Another page I did for her teacher for her book. I did 15 pages total for her book.. Kandis is in 6th grade here.
This page was the easiest ever. I put the 3 pictures together-then i used white thickers for my letter.. I used the clock I had and added a few flowers-I added some jewel clusters to the corners and did my journaling around the pictures.. soooo simple...
Maybe U can try this one out yourselves?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Enjoy U

Here is a sweet page I did of Kandis' teacher-Mrs Starr and her husband.. He drove the van with some of the kids on our trip to Columbus, Oh to COSI... SO he ruffed it with us as we all slept in the hallway at COSI.. The kids adore him and were fighting over him-when it was time to find them a chaparone to run around with-hehe..
I love this paper I used. It was in a paper pack-The scanner just doesnt do it justice-it is simmery. I made the lite blue design on both sides of the pictures with a edge punch. . The dark blue butterflys are some strips I have.. My letters are some felt thickers. My green flowers with the gems in the middle are petaloos. My cream colored flowers inked in green are some flowers I just traced and cut myself-I need some major punches-hehe.. I stitched my buttons on. The cherish at the top is a 3-d cardstock sticker by K&C co. I did all my journaling by a computer program I have. I just added some blue pearl gems on the top and bottom.
I can't wait to try this layout for one of my books with some different pics-hehe

Friday, June 11, 2010

St Patricks Day-Go Green

This is St Patricks Day at school-in 2009 when Kandis was in 5th Grade.. I missed it this year at school.. I hate that I didnt get a picture of them all dressed up in Green this year.. Mrs Starr always throws them a GREEN party at school on this day! Oh what fun-Green everything-from snacks to drinks-and green hats and glasses and necklaces.. oh to be a kid in 5th grade-hehe.. This page scanned a little funny up top on my scanner program but it is really cute.. I had some cute st patty's day paper -i just layered it all up-and inked it all to death. I had some green sparkly/glitter letters I used for St. Patricks Day .. Then I Had thickers I used for go green. The strip on the bottom that is designed was white-I used some green glimmer mist on it.. I had got the cute gem clovers on clearance for like 50 cents at Michaels.. Then my little parthenasis(sp?) is My Minds Eye maybe..
So if u need a GREEN page-here it is...
Here is Kandis this year before she went to school on St Patrick's Day.. She was GREENED out from head to toe!!She wore my sweat pants to school that were like 10 sizes to big on here becuz' they were too green. She just stuffed them into her boots though.. She was very cute!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


SUPER simple page here-I know I say that a lot-I guess when u look at them from my view after they are done they all seem that way-hehe.. BUT this page didnt take me long at all.. Probably the longest part of this was cutting the letters out on my cricket and then gluing them all back together.. lol My COSI letters look exactly like the sign outside the place-i love my letters-i used the mikey mouse font cartridge for this and my #'s.. I did my journaling with my white pin again on the outside of the paper.. I had to add me some jewels...
This was a fun trip that the 3rd-7th graders at school made back in March of this year to COSI in Columbus Ohio.. If U live close and havent been there-u should go-SOON!! hehe
SO if U need a fun-bright-fast page-try this one out!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here is a page from Thanksgiving 2008 when my daughter was in 5th grade.. again-a page for the teacher's book I made.. My daughter is the bowl of mashed potatoes with the slab of butter on her head.. Her class was doing a skit for their annual Thanksgiving program.
I love the way this page turned out.. I used my bendie ruler again for this.. I just stacked 2 sheets of paper on top of each other-the red and yellow papers. I made the design with the ruler then cut them both at the same time and then they fit all together like this.. I matted the yellow and red to a peice of white paper.. Then matted the white paper to a stripped peice of paper.. I cut out the Thankful from my cricket. I love all the journaling down the middle of the white strips. I cut out a little circle notch out of each end and placed a jewel there-u could add a jewel or eyelet or brad.. Of course I had to ink it all up.. lol I am anxious to try this page out a few different ways here in the near future!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Crazy Kids

I think this is the 2nd page I did for Mrs Starr's book.. I added a little of everything to this page. This is Kandis' 2 classes from the last 2 years. The top one is from her 5th grade year in 2008/2009. Then the bottom one is this year in 6th grade.. I am always taking group pictures of these kids as much as I can but then we have to get a silly picture-which comes easy for these group of kids-or any I am sure!! lol
The arrow I cut out here is from a template I bought at CKC a year or so ago.. The letters I used are cut from my cricket. I stickled both the arrow and the letters. Then the cream thing i put the letters on-I ran it thru my cuttlebug. The roll call card-is just a card I bought at my friends scrapbook store. I wish I had another one now.. I have learned to copy them on my printer/scanner. I forgot on this one.. I did all my journaling on my computer.. and just cut them and ink them into strips. The FUN is a 3-D cardstock sticker from K&C company. I added the flowers and added jewels to them. There u go..
The Crazy kids on one of the very last days of school.. See what I mean-always gotta have that silly picture.. So funny!!! I love these kids

Some of Mrs. Starr's 5th and 6th Graders at awards night!! They are all always smiling.. hehe

Ok I had to post this one too-Mrs Starr's 6th Graders trying to pull one over on her during awards night.. They gave her a 8X10 picture of the girls, a bouquet of roses, some green citrus tea for all the tea they have drunk of her's this year, and a swimming pool float for her to relax on this summer in her new Pool.. We didnt pull one over though-she had bouquet of daisys for each of the girls behind the trophy's and a giftcard from gamestop for Matt.. how sweet.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Awards Night 2009

So if U have kids U have probably attended a Awards ceremony in the last month-academic or sports-hehe.. This page is another page for the teachers book. This is last years Awards night-2009. The big 5X7 pic is of my daughter's 5th grade class with Mrs. Starr.. then the bottom pic is of both the 5th and 6th graders together.. It was also a simple page... I used my bendie ruler my cousin Paula bought me to make the waves up the middle of the paper... It is 3 different sheets of paper I used here.. My little trophy is a new cuttlebug cutout and embosser thing I just got for $2 Big Lots.. Thanks to Wendy for finding such great cuttlebug folders for so cheap... My letters are stickers. That's all to this page...

This is Thursday night, June 3rd, at awards night at school.. All 4 of the 6th graders.. Which are all now 7th graders!!! Congrats kids on a job well done-and a even bigger thanks to Mrs Starr for another Great Year!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Girls

Another one of the pages I did for Mrs Starr.. She only had 4 kids in my daughter's 6th grade class and 3 of them are girls. Then in the 5th grade there were 7 boys. So these 3 girls were considered "MY GIRLS".. I love the pictures of all 3 girls-i took them during class one day this year.. The top picture is Amarissa(my daughter's BFF), then Kandis, and Deanna. All 3 girls have gone to school together since k-4. So we are 8 years strong now here..
My page is matted on all red but my scanner didnt show that all that good.. I love the bright colors on this.. I actually did some sowing on a sowing machine my mom is letting me use-I got to the end and it quit working but at least it worked for this.. My letters are stickers.. I inked a lot on this. Then I just put jewels everywhere-I LOVE jewels.. This page is sooo simple but sooo pretty and happy!!! Just like these girls..

Here is a picture of Mrs. Starr, Kandis, & Rissa Thursday night at awards night-June 3rd.. How how I love these 3 girls..

Then earlier on Thursday the whole class had a WV University Day. Their teacher is a die hard WVU fan.. Like all the kids ALMOST-hehe.. They had a contest to see who could wear the most blue & gold too.. My little blue haired girl won.. She has a thing for contests.. She goes NUTS!!! hehe...
I have lots more pages to come!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teacher & Friend-Mrs Starr

No I havent stopped scrapbooking-LOL.. I have actually been scrapbooking like a busy bee... I have been working on a scrapbook for my daughter's school teacher. I was pushing for a 20 page book but since I am such a procrastonator I got 15 done before I gave it to her today-on our last day of school.. I might have gotten a couple more pages in also but as I would do a page for her-I would go ahead and cut out everything for my daughter's 6th grade book that I will work on soon. SO now it will be a matter of sitting down and putting it together and adding her pics to the pages and her journaling. I am sure the pages will end up looking different but the same?
This 1st page is of Kandis and her teacher, Mrs Starr, over the last 2 years. She has had the same teacher now for 2 years.. Mrs Starr has been her teacher now for 5th & 6th grades.. Our daughters also play volleyball together and cheerlead together.. So we will not be far from each other next year. lol
I love all the distressing on this page of course.. it actually made my hand cramp i distressed so much-lol.. Of course if u distress U have to ink. I added a few rub ons in the corners. I was happy to fit so many pics on this.. Something I dont seem to do with all my 1 page layouts. Can never have a page with out a jewel or a flower-ha...
It's been a busy couple of weeks with school ending.. We have had parties-Amusement parks-Awards nights-family for holidays. It's been fun... My daughter is now a 7th Grader.. Blows my mind.. We are officially on SUMMER Break for the summer now though!!!!!!!! yippee-Late Nights-Sleeping In-Sun-Pool-Lazy Days!!!! woot woot!!