Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Puggles

Our Beagle dog, Sassy, had 6 new babies on June 23.. My daughter has been sooo excited and waiting all summer for these.. We were so excited when she had 6. She didn't have normal Beagle puppies though-she had Puggles.. If U have never heard of a Puggle, it is mix breed between a Beagle breed and a Pug dog.. So our red and brown Beagle was breed with my cousin Mark's Pug, Jay Bo, which is solid black.. There are 5 boys and 1 girl in the litter. The girl is black-then 2 more black boys and 2 brown and black boy ones.. These puppies are the cuttiest things ever.. Of course-all puppies are-haha.

A Puggle is a short-haired, with a wrinkly face and a stocky body. They have a short nose, and a slender body, like beagles. Puggles average about 20 pounds and stand not taller than 15 inches (38.1 cm) at the shoulder. One of the biggest benefits of a Puggle is the fact that their noses are not as flat as a Pug's, so they do better in hot weather, and have less breathing problems.

The picture above is the day the puppies were born-June 23, 2010.. They are 16 days old today.

Here Kandis is holding one of the brown and black babies just born.. They were sooo tiny..
Here is Sassy, their Momma, and her puppies on July 13.. They were only 10 days old.. They still had their eyes shut but it didnt stop a few of them from finding their Mommy... Sassy is sooo good with them...

Here are all the puppies snuggled up-10 days old.. It was July 3rd, 2010.

These pictures were taken today, July 9, 2010.. This is Kandis' pick of the litter.. She is gonna keep this lil boy. She has named him Tank.. She brought him inside to visit for a few minutes today.. He liked it as much as we did-lol He is the biggest out of the bunch... All the puppies eye's opened the other day.. so now they are even cuttier-haha.. If that can even happen..

Tank found a comfy spot on my lap.. He fits in the palm of my hand.. awww

Then he decided he loved this spot on my chest even more.. U just cant resist a puppy...
So we are gonna sell the other 5 puppies for $150 each.. That is not a bad price either.. They will have been wormed and be up to date on their shots when anyone gets them. I have been looking online too and they sell anywhere from $300-$750.. WOW... If you want one and live close to me-let me know.. hehe

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Mr. Puggle® said...

awwwwww, puggle puppies. they are not too young to join the puggle posse.