Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jr High

I did this page about 2am last night. I usually do my daughter a book for each school year but now that she is in Jr High/Middle School I think I will probably just start combining books. This is the 1st page I have done from her last year of school-7th grade. SO I need to get busy since before I know it summer will be over -and school will be starting again. The picture is Kandis as we were leaving for school. Aug 24, 2010.
This page was pretty easy as U can see. I made my green paper that I laid on my solid black paper just by copying another sheet of design piece of paper I have. I have a cute pack of school paper I used here. I just dont know who it was buy. I had split the pack with someone - lol. I did all my journaling on strips. My yellow arrow on the top is a brad. That is about it for this one..
NOW what do scrapbook next??? hummmmm

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