Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great Day

Had a nice lazy day at the pool today-U can see it in the background of the picture of Kandis. It's my Mom and Dad's(which I say it's mine becuz' they got it when I lived at home)haha.. I had a friend over and me and my friend and Kandis all laid on floats all afternoon. Then me and Kandis went to DQ for some chocolate blizzards later-and picked up a pizza for dinner.

Then my little chunkiers of a nephew came over and spent the evening with me and Kandis while his Daddy and Mommy went fishing for a few hours. As I am writing at 12:30am he is sleeping in my bed-awwwwww!!!! lol

It's been a lazy week here.. I havent did much of anything.. BUT happy to have started scrapping again. Before I did my 5 new pages this week I had not scrapbooked since last October. So it had been awhile. I guess sometimes scrapbookers get in a slump and I have been in one for awhile. BUT I seem to slowly crawling back out ..

Hope everyone has been enjoying their week-end like me!!!

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