Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cedar Point-Memories

I felt like I was falling off the wagon again. I had not scrapbooked a page in way over a week. Something I didnt want to fall in a habit of doing again.. SO I made myself sit down and do a page this evening.. I missed a couple of my favorite shows I like to watch even to scrapbook-lol.. Oh well-who cares about tv when u can make memories down on paper huh?
This page brings back a lot of memories to me - this brings me back to a vacation I had with my parents, brother, and Kandis back in the Summer of 2008 to Lake Erie & Cedar Point. This was one of the crazy pictures U buy after the ride is over.. In the 1st 2 seats are my Brother and my Mom-then me and Kandis are behind them.. This is the Maverick at Cedar Point. IT was late and dark when we rode this and we could not see a thing-which made it even funnier. We had no idea what was gonna happen next -it looped around curves, turned us upside down, and then slowed us to a complete stop at 1 point and took back off from 0 to who knows like 50 or 60 mph or more in so many seconds. It was a blast. It was my Mom's favorite ride of the entire day. I am glad it was cuz we had to wait a long time in line-haha..
I am in LOVE with this paper pack I used for this whole layout.. It is called URBAN RHAPSODY by K&Company. I bought it at Hobby Lobby.. It is double sided and it is just beautiful. I used my Cricut to cut out my letters and my word-MEMORIES(it was on Graphically speaking). Everything else was just layering my paper-after I inked it of course. I found a couple embellishments I liked that I had to add. I thought it needed some jewels of course. Never too many embellishments or too many layers.. I liked the way it turned out.. Hope U do too!!

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