Sunday, July 31, 2011

deep fried Oreos

My cousins Daniel & Lauren have been here all week. So I didnt do any scrapbooking.. I laid in my Mom & Dad's swimming pool all day-and played Rook in the evenings with my family.

My Daughter, Kandis, has been begging for me to make deep fried Oreos. I hadn't made them at home before but helped make them at a church thing we had for the youth once. There is nothing too it.. So I got all the stuff while out one day and cleaned out the ole deep fryer(which I had not used in I bet over 8 or more years). All U need is clean Oil , deep fryer, oreos, and pancake mix, and powered sugar.

Kandis was all smiles ready . Lauren was just a little scared at what we were creating-hehe
All U do is completely dip the oreos in the pancake mix-and then drop them in the HOT oil.. They do not take too long to make.. BUT u wanna make sure they get dark on one side-then u flip it over...I dipped the oreos in the batter, and Lauren took are of the flipping and getting the Oreos out!! lol
TA DA!! yummy deep fried Oreos.. They are soo yummy HOT.. BUT dont burn your tongue!! hehe
The oreo gets all soft & it is soo yum yum!! BUT very rich-I can not handle more then 2 at one time. BUT Kandis seem to be fine with 5. shew!!

We even tried our hand at a funnel cake with the left over pancake mix. I put all the batter in zip lock back and cut a hole in it. Then I poured it really fast.. IT was really really good.. I think me and Lauren liked the funnel cake even better then the deep fried oreos-haha.. I am gonna look for me a YUMMY recipe for the batter for funnel cakes!! lol

It was a yummy night-but I think we all almost went into a sugar coma afterwards-hehe

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