Sunday, November 6, 2011

Having a Ball

Another volleyball page of my girl!! I wanted to do a page of her without the "school colors" like I usually do.. i love all the pastels on this.. I am loving all the little flag banners lately. I think I could put them on every page I do-ha!! I had got a great steal on a flag punch at Big Lots and I have so misplaced it my scrapbooking room somewhere. I guess that means it's time to clean it up really good again. I have looked and looked and it is no where to be found.. Maybe it is hiding under one of my huge piles of STUFF-haha..I like how the title on this is different stickers and then I used my cricut for the BALL .. I again did some hand journaling.. SOmthing I am into right now.. Happy Scrapping !!!

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