Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stars all Around

I love this new green and black page!! That is me cheering this time last year-2010 at a Alumni football game they had at my old school.. My school closed this year-and combined with a BIG NICE new High School with 3 of the other surrounding High Schools in this area.. So they did a tribute to all the alumni at the football game and let us actually CHEER the entire football game just like in the OLD days-haha.. It will be 20 years this May since I graduated High School. I think I did pretty good.. I know I had a blast and I am so glad I participated. These girls with me n the bottom picture are a few of the girls from the years I cheered.. Oh what awesome times we used to have-and what a great time we had that night..
So I had done this page before for my daughter - for her volleyball.. I had remembered I had bought some of the paper from my High School before a local scrapbooking store went out of business and was dying to try it out with MY COLORS!! I think it turned out great.. I used Wendy Baisden's - Easy Star template-by Hot Off the Press for all my stars! Then just layered lots of paper.. I had another template that I could use for the placement of my gems. I did all my journaling on the computer. I inked everything up and taped it all down. This isnt the page I did for my daughter, BUT this is the exact same page I did for Kandis just went different pictures.. I did this page a few weeks ago for 3 of the seniors on my daughters volleyball team at school. We had a senior night at one of the games and I made this page for each of the girls and we put it in a 12X12 frame for them.. I hope they liked it?!?

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