Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day-2011

Kandis was having a Veteran's Day program at school today.. SO she wore some of her Daddy's Marine clothes from back in the day.. He was in the Marine's from 1989-1996. I thought she looked pretty cute!!

Showing off the stripes!

Last night-Roger and Kandis played dress up in some of Roger's Marine Uniforms.. I bet not many Marine's can still wear their blues after being out of the military for 15 years.. My guy had it going on.. This picture is so sweet!!

Kandis Faye in one of the uniforms posing for Mom!

Kandis being a little silly

How precious! Roger showing Kandis how to salute!

My heart!

My man looks GOOD in a UNIFORM!

My Marine Veteran! SO Proud of him. I love him so much!

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