Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Crazy Kids

I think this is the 2nd page I did for Mrs Starr's book.. I added a little of everything to this page. This is Kandis' 2 classes from the last 2 years. The top one is from her 5th grade year in 2008/2009. Then the bottom one is this year in 6th grade.. I am always taking group pictures of these kids as much as I can but then we have to get a silly picture-which comes easy for these group of kids-or any I am sure!! lol
The arrow I cut out here is from a template I bought at CKC a year or so ago.. The letters I used are cut from my cricket. I stickled both the arrow and the letters. Then the cream thing i put the letters on-I ran it thru my cuttlebug. The roll call card-is just a card I bought at my friends scrapbook store. I wish I had another one now.. I have learned to copy them on my printer/scanner. I forgot on this one.. I did all my journaling on my computer.. and just cut them and ink them into strips. The FUN is a 3-D cardstock sticker from K&C company. I added the flowers and added jewels to them. There u go..
The Crazy kids on one of the very last days of school.. See what I mean-always gotta have that silly picture.. So funny!!! I love these kids

Some of Mrs. Starr's 5th and 6th Graders at awards night!! They are all always smiling.. hehe

Ok I had to post this one too-Mrs Starr's 6th Graders trying to pull one over on her during awards night.. They gave her a 8X10 picture of the girls, a bouquet of roses, some green citrus tea for all the tea they have drunk of her's this year, and a swimming pool float for her to relax on this summer in her new Pool.. We didnt pull one over though-she had bouquet of daisys for each of the girls behind the trophy's and a giftcard from gamestop for Matt.. how sweet.

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