Sunday, June 13, 2010

Limelight Photography by J. Martin

Thursday Me, Kandis, my step-son, Clayton, one of my best friends, Jenelle, and her son, Nathan went to the Breaks Interstate Park. Jenelle has a studio named Limelight Photography!/photos.php?id=1222405587, These pictures of my daughter are incredible.. She took lots of pictures of her in different outfits in several different places but these are the 1st two pictures she has got to edit.. The one of her in the water is my favorite i think so far-out of the 2 -LOL! I am sure I will be changing my mind soon.
This one is incredible. It makes Kandis look way older then 12. hehe.. I love her big brown eyes here.. Just beautiful...
I just had to brag on my friend.. Then of course brag on my baby girl..
thanks for taking a look !!!


Jackie said...

Fabulous photos! Yes, she looks 17 or 18 here! She's gorgeous :)

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

thanks Jackie-it is crazy how much older she looks in these photos.. yikes