Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Girls

Another one of the pages I did for Mrs Starr.. She only had 4 kids in my daughter's 6th grade class and 3 of them are girls. Then in the 5th grade there were 7 boys. So these 3 girls were considered "MY GIRLS".. I love the pictures of all 3 girls-i took them during class one day this year.. The top picture is Amarissa(my daughter's BFF), then Kandis, and Deanna. All 3 girls have gone to school together since k-4. So we are 8 years strong now here..
My page is matted on all red but my scanner didnt show that all that good.. I love the bright colors on this.. I actually did some sowing on a sowing machine my mom is letting me use-I got to the end and it quit working but at least it worked for this.. My letters are stickers.. I inked a lot on this. Then I just put jewels everywhere-I LOVE jewels.. This page is sooo simple but sooo pretty and happy!!! Just like these girls..

Here is a picture of Mrs. Starr, Kandis, & Rissa Thursday night at awards night-June 3rd.. How how I love these 3 girls..

Then earlier on Thursday the whole class had a WV University Day. Their teacher is a die hard WVU fan.. Like all the kids ALMOST-hehe.. They had a contest to see who could wear the most blue & gold too.. My little blue haired girl won.. She has a thing for contests.. She goes NUTS!!! hehe...
I have lots more pages to come!!!

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