Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Welcome to WV's Winter Wonderland. Starting last Sunday we have had nothing but snow.. Very unusual for us.. The most we usually get in a winter is a dusting or 2 or 3 inches maybe. This winter we have by far already past that up a couple of times. This storm or a couple storms combined has dropped probably a total of a foot on us again. We got about a foot back in December too on my daughter's birthday, Dec 19th. My daughter has yet to go BACK to school from her Christmas vacation and it is Jan 10th now-LOL. We are both girls who love to stay up late and love to sleep in BUT I have to admit that we are both going nuts. She is as ready to go back to school as I am for her to go back.

SO I really need to rename my blog becuz' this is just not my scrapbooking.. I love to take pictures as much as I like to scrapbook. I recently got a Nikon D80-back in October-so seems like I always have my camera in my hand.. I had to show off some of the fun we had during the snow this time.

The 1st picture is of me-editted alittle with photo shop.. Trying to stay warm in my husband's snow suit.. It was only like 18 degrees this day-but the wind chill was about 10-burr!

My Husband took me and my daughter to my Dad's barn and we rode our 4-wheeler around in the pasture. Roger hooked Kandis' sled to the 4-wheeler and we pulled her around for a long time.. Well as long as our cheeks could stand it, it was so bitter cold. Kandis had so much fun. I laughed so much at Kandis trying to stay on the sled and me trying to stay on the back of the 4-wheeler and try to take pictures at the same time.

Then Kandis wanted to try to sled board-haha! So she tried this on a little slant we had behind our house. She did really good. I bought Kandis this purple snow suit on black friday and I think it was the best investment I have made in a very very long time. It keeps her so dry and so warm. That makes a Mommy really happy!!
I had some sunglasses on and I had to shortly shed them and give them to Kandis to wear while sleigh riding.. She looked super cute in them of course-hehe..

I did Sleigh ride myself, but my lense was freezing up with ICE becuz' it was getting wet with the snow flying on it when I was taking pictures of Kandis.. SO I had to make Kandis not take any pics of me this time. I do have pictures of me last time we did this on Kandis' birthday.. ooooh what fun and oooh how funny!! hehe

My husband actually trusted me to let me pull him by the 4-wheeler today. That was a suprise. He was hilarious. I told someone he should be in the olypmics doing some restylin' sleigh boarding.. haha He would be sleigh riding and posin the whole time for the camera. My daughter was takin the pictures-I can multitask but I can not drive and snap pictures at the same time. The last picture is of Roger after he was done sleigh riding-LOL...
Oh what fun we had!!!


Pamela said...

A little snow is good for you! ;) Fun pics!

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

thanks Pamela for checking my blog out-we did have fun!!