Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Daughters Scrapbook Page

My 12 year old daughter, Kandis has been wanting to sit down and scrapbook with me lately.. Well usually the most she scrapbooks is cards and stuff and she is pretty good at it.. She even won a few contest at school this year, designing a book marker with all of my scrapbooking stuff-and NO I didnt help at all. I know she would scrapbook every day I did If I let her.. I have got to learn to have more patience.. I think it is just me-maybe scrapbook is MY little thing I enjoy to do and not that I hate to share it, because everyone loves to scrapbook with friends? I guess it is like with a new scrapbooker, when U scrapbook with them it seems like you are helping them out more then actually getting to scrapbook.. Sooo Kandis worked on this page with alittle of my help, mostly just helping her find what she wanted, because she knew everything she wanted. I just finished up on a few pages that I had that needed journaling while she did that while I helped her.. I am very proud with her page. She had to do a page that had ZEBRA on it.. Her new pictures make her look nothing like 12-thanks Wendy-LOL!! She loves to take pictures, as much as me and anyone else wants to take them of her.. She goes to a Christian school and they only have 1 volleyball team, and 1 cheerleading team, so she is on the Varsity squad.. She is sooo tiny, so she is a flyer and climber on the cheersquad, This year is her 2nd year with both sports on the varsity squads. She got a lot of playing time on the volleyball floor this year-to our surprise-the little thing is really good and get that ball right over the next.. Vball is done for this year, but 2 more months of cheering.. SO I will be doing lots more pictures.. I promised Kandis I would post her page for her though... If U checked this out-leave me a comment for her!!!! I am gonna do better and let her scrapbook more-LOL

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