Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Won Nov Challenge @ A La Carte

Ok my friend Wendy talked me into my 1st challenge and I submitted my page @ A La Carte Blog for their November Challenge and went flipping thru some of my favorite blogs today and seen MY page at the TOP as the Winner!!!!!!!!! I was just a tad excited and my daughter was almost as excited as me, as I was bouncing around in my desk chair like a nut!! I was so nervous-I thought my page had to be perfect but naaaaa! I think that has to be one of the most nerve racking pages I have ever done. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself becuz' it was a contest. I had to remind myself that it was just a scrapbook page-something that I loved to do-and something I did all the time. Just go with your gut! Have fun mostly and who knows U might win-like ME!! hehe- Now I can't wait to see what I won-haha!! Really though-Just winning was a big deal to me! YIPPPEEE!!!
here is a link JUST INCASE anyone wants to look-hahaha
and here is my page
All I had to do was use at least 3 of the following-I used all 5
1. Use orange and brown. - that one is obvious of course
2. Use woodgrain. - I used that one on the tree(which I found on my cricut cartridge-Graphically Speaking)
3. Use fabric. - I put fabric behind my little flower i made in the corner-it is white and it is just outlining the smaller flower a little
4. Use something with wings. - obvious again-my little birdies
5. Use a toilet paper roll. - my birdies are made with it and then i used the cuttlebug to emboss them and then I glimmer misted them like crazy.
6. Use song lyrics in your title. - Making Memories of Us-I can't remember the artist on this? Oops-but I promise it is! lol
SO now I am gonna be addicted and have to for sure find my next challenge to do very soon! hehe


Anonymous said...

you are so funny ! lol this reminds me of like three weeks ago when i won my first one....i swear you become addicted to challenges once you okay...we are just the Spinner Girls from West Virginia :) hehehe
So now we gotta find some more challenges to enter. I so knew you won this one !!!! Im proud of ya :)

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

THanks Wendy! U are always my scrapbooking encourager! if it hadnt been for U I really would NOT have done the page! I am very excited now-and YES want to find another one to do soon!! haha
we have to do one very very soon!! hahaha