Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrapbooking Challenge Pages

So I am trying to do some pages for some of the challenges on Scrapbooking Challenges.. I know I can not do them all, even though I would love too. I just kinda pick and choose which interest me or I think I will have time for. Here are the pages that I have entered for some of the January challenges
These 2 pages above were done for a challenge-Copy another member's page.. This was super easy challenge.. I like to scraplift.. I went to my friend Wendy's photos and found a couple pages she had done that I had been wanting to copy since she had done them and copied those. The 1st one is my daughter Kandis during one of our big snows this winter.. Then the 2nd one is of my Husband and my step son, Clayton. I just love that photo..
These pages above I turned in for the Use your Stash Flower Challenge. They wanted U to use as many flowers-at least 10-that u could on a page. They were wanting U to use your old stash of flowers that U really dont use that much anymore-those old jar filled tiny tiny flowers-prima flowers. I think that is the name of those. I dont have very many at all. This page was posted for a challenged named Paper Piecing. It could be done in so many ways. U could make something out of the paper or piece paper together like I did here. As long as U used different pieces of paper on your page. Me and Wendy had done this page not long ago so I just submitted this one for this challenge..I had taken these pictures of Kandis with my new Nikon I got in October!!
This page was for a challenge named Home Sweet Home . U were suppose to use pictures from your home-anything as long as it is from your house-inside or out-it really doesnt matter. U have to have a title and the word HOME has to be in it.. This is OUR HOME when we moved in and we 1st got our new home in 1997 and I had a current good picture of the outside from 2003 which is also what it looks like now.. I love this page!! IT is such a great page to pass down to my daughter one day. The top picture is a little blurry-it is alittle old.. Me and my husband are the little blurs-I am the little plumpy pregnant one standing in the doorway! haha
This Page above is for a NO Pattern Paper Challenge.. Not something that I do much. SO I had used some chipboard for my arrow and some stickles to decorate with. This is Kandis and her Heelys. These have come and gone for us!! lol
This page was done for a challenge called Notions Department Challenge. U can use fabric, ribbon, ric rak, buttons, thread, snaps, elastic. U can use as little or as much as U want.. SO I just went nut with ribbon on this page.. It's me on a trip to Louisville to Charlotte CKC. I have some of the scrapbooking supplies i had bought surrounding me-LOL!


Elizabeth said...

Kelly, The store is called TUesday Morning and their main Scrapbooking sale starts Feb 2, check to see if there is one close by you.

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

oooh thanks Elizabeth!!!!

Anonymous said...

okay we gotta do this bed shot with our ckc Louisville stuff again :) this year

Barb said...

Oh wow, your pages are so creative! I love the one with all the ribbons, and your way of working with layers of paper makes me wish I could do that on MY pages!

By the way, thank you so much for visiting my blog earlier today. I'll be sure to come back to yours. :)