Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It snowed all day yesterday. IT snowed enough on Sunday night that I couldn't take my daughter to school.Went to bed with it pouring the snow - woke up to 7 inches of snow this morning. So NO school today, we are already on a delay for Wednesday. It is still snowing out too-LOL!!! We live in WV and if we get snow it becomes very crippling at points. Salt trucks start immediatly to try to get a handle on it. I am NOT a snow driver. If it snows-I do NOT drive. Since I have been young-if it snowed-my Daddy would take me to work or college if I had to go. Now that I am older-if it is snowy enough but we still need to go somewhere-My husband or Daddy still take me and my daughter.

I am from Michigan, so I am used to the cold and snow, but we have soooo gotten way more snow then Michigan has so far in December and January. I think my family in Michigan can't believe how much snow we have gotten in comparison to them. My daughter,Kandis, loves it. She hasnt went out and sleigh rided yet today. She is up at my parents playing games-hehe. Here are a couple pictures from our last snow... It totalled over 12 inches-no electric for over 2 days for us-it was pretty bad. So far we are blessed with this one.

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