Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Featured Page on Scrapbook Challenges

I got very excited yesterday when I got a email from Scrapbook Challenges telling me that one of my scrapbooking pages I had uploaded this week was picked as one of their featured pages. I just recently joined this group and LOVE it.. There are tons of great ladies to chat with on here and lots of fun challenges with prizes. There is a gallery full of great scrapbooking pages done by ladies just like U and Me! As U upload your pages they go into a big gallery and then that week they have a panel of ladies that pick their favorite for that week. So this has made 2 out of the last 3 weeks mine has been picked. So I am really excited now. It really encourages U to scrapbook when U get so many compliments on your pages-and these ladies on here compliment U a lot.. I know everyone loves encouragement-I dont care who U are-we all need it.. SO I just had to toot my little horn alittle.. I didnt win anything but I did win alittle more encouragement for myself. I will take that anyday. I am gonna have to try some of the challenges out. I haven't done any yet because U know-prizes are GREAT too-LOL!
here is the link to the gallery where my page this week is at:
This is the page they picked this week. Look familar-hehe!

Then here is the other page I done about a month or so ago that was also a featured page. When I scanned this picture it made my jewels look green above the orange circle-they are actually orange. The ones around the yellow circle are not orange either but yellow. The butterflys I used for this page were made using my friend, Wendy's Butterfly and Dragon template by Hot Off the Press. It is being sold by paperwishes right now. Everyone can get one- http://www.paperwishes.com/products/4007352..

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Wendy Hackney Baisden said...

oooooh i love your background on your blog ! so cool...glad ya figured it out...it was sorta hard to do wasnt it...shew...but super worth it...looks really good :) And yes....I think the encouragement from SC is amazing and fun and it makes you want to do more pages because you know when you post them that others are gonna look at them :)