Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Deals @ Michaels

I have to admit right off I have a little addiction to scrapbooking paper. I used to not be very bad but I will admit now I have it pretty bad. I just to buy paper mostly by the single sheets, but not anymore. Unless I see something I gotta have in a single piece of paper or something I just have a idea for I am all about paper packs now. U get tons of papers in a huge pack-some way or another it all cordinates into each other and it is awesome. The majority of them are about $20 a pack but I will NEVER pay that for a pack. If it is NOT onsale for half off or I don't have a coupon, I wait.. Well I hit the jackpot at Michael's Craft store last weekend. One of my friends had called another friend and told her about some paper at the store that was marked clearanced for $9.99 but when U get up front it rings up for $4 a pack. Well usually that doesn't mean anything to me because we live a hour and half from Michaels BUT last Saturday I just happen to be where Michael's was and guess what?? I got like 7 new big paper packs all for $4 each.. I was sooooo happy. That is like $140 worth of paper at regular price. woot woot!!

Then I decided to look over in the Christmas clearance stuff. I didnt see anything right off that was scrapbooking really. Then i seen a 20 cent rack with tons of little stuff in it and started digging thru it. I pulled out a pack of jewels, there were 48 in a pack, and then I was like ooooooh! The 2nd thing I am probably the most addicted to in scrappin is jewels. The cheapest I have probably ever gotten them is $1 at a CKC convention or $1 maybe at Michaels off the cheapo rack. BUT I dont get them that often. SO when I go to the conventions I stock up. My Mom came over and started digging with me to help and before I knew it I had like 18 packs of jewels. I got a lot of green/gold packs but hey for 20 cents I didn't care. That just means I can add tons more to a page at once!! LOL Then they had a lot of the Christmas words spelled out with the jewels for 20 cents. My mom would say U already got this one right, I said I don't care I want them all for that price!! haha. I had so much fun . So if U have a Michael's close by and haven't checked out the 20 cent rack yet, it might be worth a trip to look. Then if U see some paper packs in them middle aisle with some clearance stickers on them, maybe let someone scan them for U... U might get a few $4 packs of paper like I did!! Happy scrapbook shopping!


Anonymous said...

super cool catch on that paper ! thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, you really hit the jackpot. The one close by me was already cleaned out, but I was able to get a good deal at Tuesday Morning. Now we need to see some LO

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

Yes I need to get busy on some LOs hehe... I so love all this paper!! hehe
U are welcome always Wendy!! glad to get it for U!

Ilene said... totally sound like me when it comes to shopping for scrap stuff. That's how I build up my stash!

Anonymous said...

i am still totally impressed with the 4.00 paper find :) thanks for bringing me some :) you rock !!!