Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More snow makes for good Scrappin

So snow seems to be the word we keep hearing here. We watch the weather constantly just to see if maybe we will miss the next "BIG ONE". lol We usually have mild winters-a couple inches here and a couple there.. BUT with this snow we have gotten the last few nights it makes our total for the winter up to like 4 foot. More like the weather my family is used to in Michigan all winter long and not us. They have got about a total of 1 foot maybe.. BUT on a good note I seem to be getting a lot of scrapbooking done on this late nights of snow, knowing we are having NO SCHOOL the next morning.. So far 2 days this week with NO school and last week 2 or 3 snow days. I am thinking with the way it is going we are gonna be going to school on the 4th of July. haha.
So me and my friend Wendy did get in a hour of speed scrappin on Monday. We hurried as fast as we could do this 1st page. We got our idea off of the cover of a scrapbook trends magazine that Wendy had just got. Ours looks quit different-i love it. This is my daughter and her Best friend and Boyfriend(yikes)-ice skating in January 2010. I didnt put my picture down until I had gotten home but had already did my sowing on mine so that is why the picture is not under the sowing.. I stickled my thicker letters.. and the little orange dotted circle in the middle. I cut my 2010 out on my cricut. I journaled on my computer.. This next page I had actually scrapbooked 2 years ago in Michigan with my cousin Stephanie.. I could never find the right pictures to put in it, until now. These are pictures from my daughters Christmas play at school called, Christmas Hang Ups. She was a hula girl and her and her friends were ornaments.. I sticked just about anything i could find on the sheet too.. haha.. We had cut out the trees from some paper-so i stickled those.. I love all the layering on this page.. I am glad I had waited on the pictures cuz these worked perfect on here!!
This final page I had also done in Michigan a couple years ago around New Years with my cousins Stephanie and Amy. I had always strugged with how little the circles were and what I could fit in them. BUT I had printed sooo many pictures off form Christmas this year at my husband's family that they worked perfect in this.. This is this Christmas Eve 2009. I used green glitter thickers on the Messer Holiday. The joy was cut out of the cricut and I stickled it with my diamond stickles. Then we used the eraser on a pencil to make the round white circles around the edges-we dipped them in white ink.. Then I stickled them with the diamond stickles.. Happy to have a couple new Christmas pages!!! I got tons more pages that are done just need pictures. I just got to get going on them.. hehe


Wendy Hackney Baisden said...

okay...i love the page we did together...or I love yours....I hope mine is this pretty...hmm....shoot I miss my house and my scrapbook room...I havent even got to finish mine or look at it since we did them. Okay...We have to scrapbook again soon :)

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

yours was even prettier with all that teal glitter.. I changed my mind about the whole whole outfit-i found that cute pic of kandis in the orange shirt-haha.
gonna scrapbook again super soon!!!

Billena said...

They all turned out really great! I wish I could get courage and do some pre made pages. hehe All of yours are amazing!

Billena said...

Boyfriend already! Wow how do you do it. Bless your heart! Well I know its gonna happen sooner or later I am praying for the later. She sure is a beauty though. You should build a high fence around your house (like your aunt janet told me to do) and homeschool her. hehehe