Saturday, February 13, 2010

Class Valentines Party

I spent my Friday hanging out with my Daughter and her class from school at her teacher's house for a Valentines Party.. We were on a 2 hr delay for school because of more snow. Kandis' teacher had invited her class 5th/6th graders plus 3rd/4th & 7th graders. The kids had a blast. Food & games & prizes galore.. This is Kandis' teacher's daughter, Paige & Kandis. She graduated last year from RCS. Kandis got to cheer with her last year. Kandis' kinda looks like Paige's mini me. Kandis spent the majority of the day stuck to her.. It was cute. We miss seeing Paige everyday!!
This was all the kids getting ready to play a game of Left & Right.
This is the kids scattered on the floor everywhere playing alittle Valentines Bingo.
Kandis concentraiting - making sure she didnt miss any words..
The cute little treatbags that Kandis' teacher, Mrs Starr, made for her class. Such cute bags with all kinds of cute treats inside..
All the yummy desserts we had to munch on. We had pizza and chicken nuggets with chips and some sausage and cheese dip with tortillas for lunch. Then U name it we about had it for dessert: we had so many cupcakes I think we could of all had a couple each, fudge, brownies, cake, cookies & chocolate covered pretzels and more.. It was a great time.. Kandis being in 6th grade this year I know there will not be many more of these parties.. So just trying to enjoy them while they last.. SO now I just need to order me some new pictures now to scrapbook a couple new valentine pages.. lol


Anonymous said...

wow that looks like a great party ! fun fun

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

U are so sweet Wendy-u always comment my blog!!! thank u!!
It was all good and fun until I fell!!! LOL at least I didnt fall until it was time to leave!! haha

Anonymous said...

did you see the cool thingie i got for the side of my blog that shows the top commenters ? It keeps up with it and counts how many times people comment ya and who has commented the most...cooool...I can email you the code if you want it to add to yours