Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 New Pages

I have did these 2 pages over the last week-just now getting a chance to post them.. The 1st one is of my daughter in 1998. She was only about 6 months old-she is now 12. Looking at that picture brings back all the memories of that day to me.. boo hoo!! I miss them.. Me and my friend Wendy worked on this page together at her house real fast one day-then I finished it at home.. I stitched around all the paper with a sowing maching.. I hand made the flowers.. The brown flowers were cut out of punches-then I wet the paper-ran it thru my cuttlebug-then i ink it-then scrunhced it all up in a wad and then unwaded it and let it dry-and it dryed so cool.. then just layered them with more flower punched flowers. I used yellow rhinestones in the middle of them. I cut out all the words with my cricut.. The word Angel was cut out with my graphically speaking cartridge which is turning out to be my favorite cartridge ... Then I used some different alpha cartridges on the others.
I made this page with my cousin Stephanie in Michigan a year ago I think. We had got the paper at a locally owned scrapbook store and then came home and made the page right up. I had everything done on the page except a title and pictures.. It is sooo hard to do a pre-made page without pictures-then fit pictures in-shewie!! I struggled here.. That is how come it took me so long to use the page.. I love it though. I am all about layering paper. Then inking it all up.. We cut the cute little penquins out of some of the paper. I cut the "together" out of my graphically speaking cartridge again..I think we cut the snowflakes out of one of the cartridges we had for the cricut.. I had to add lots of stickles of course..IT wouldnt be a page without it.. hehe These are pictures of me-my hubby, Roger-my daughter, Kandis-and my step-son, Clayton. One of the pictures is from Christmas Eve 2006 and the other is from this past Christmas Eve 2009.
I love these 3 sooo much!!!!
Hope someone gets inspired alittle..
Oh and I was excited to see yesterday that I have one of my newer pages featured on scrapbook challenges... check them out.. U will love that place and be as addicted to that site as me!!


Jackie said...

Great job, I saw you're page got featured :) The one with the paper I have ;) lol. Check my blog, I mentioned you.

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

how sweet Jackie... i sure will.
I have been so busy helping wendy this week and then trying to get just my wash done-which still isnt. Yesterday was the 1st time I had got to blog at all. i havent even go to check out my favorites at all :(

Michelle said...

Kelly your pages are beautiful and your daughter even more so. I know what you mean about feeling sad when you look back at those baby photos. My princess is almost and I miss every minute of her being small, (when I could pick out her clothes, and she would sit on my lap for hours) But you also love the little lady they are becoming. So melancholy!

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

oh yes i miss all that.. she wouldnt let me pick out her clothes now for nothing. it is funny... So are so opinionaited huh-LOL!!!! It is a different stage we are all in now.. Sweet in both ways I guess.. hehe...