Friday, February 26, 2010

Going to CKC in Louisville today-woot woot!!

I am heading off to Louisville Kentucky tomorrow for the CKC.. We are in a huge snow storm again here in WV-hoping to run out of tomorrow afternoon before we get buried under it too bad. They are calling for 8-14 inches here-shew!!! I can NOT wait for spring... It is not suppose to be snowing like this in Lexington and Louisville so me and my friend Wendy are taking off as soon as possible tomorrow. I can't wait.. We went last year. We had a blast-we stayed all day at the convention and would scrapbook in our room at night.. Here are a few pictures from my trip to Louisville last year.. Me with a few of the best scrapbooking albums ever!!! Hoping they have more-they were only $5.. heheI am buying stickles I think for the 1st time at Techique Tuesday. One of my favorite things now. This place has some awesome chipboard stuff too. Wendy buying some awesome chipboard stuff at Technique Tuesday..

Her is a picture of me in the hotel with some of the many things I bought while we were gone.. I didnt get them all at th convention of course. We hit every Big Lots between our houses and Louisville and all kinds of scrapbooking stores in Louisville too.. Me and Wendy all smiles-one of our favorite places to be-where they sell scrapbooking stuff-haha!

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Anonymous said...

I cant tell ? Did we buy more this time or last time ? hmm ? Im glad we got things other than paper this time...I think we are good on the paper for a while..hehe