Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Marine!!

My Marine celebrated his birthday today.. along with all his other brothers. He is getting pretty old but he looks great to be over 200 years old-hehe.. They celebrate 236 years today.. November 10 is a very special day to my man.. He was in the Marine Corps for 7 years before I meet him.. BUT let me say it is a thing that will be a part of him for the rest of his life!! Even though I was never a MARINE wife - I feel like I am a little..
This top page is part of a scrapbook page I did for Roger years and years and years ago when I 1st started scrapbooking.. I would never ever share the page-haha.. It is so bad.. I made Roger a whole book about his Marine Corp days with his friends.. Oh how I need to go back and redo the whole book now.. If only we all used digital cameras back then and I could get those pictures back I used.. shew!!!!

I did this page a few years ago.. It's a good page.. well good enough to share..

I am so proud of who Roger was and is still .. Him and my daughter did some modeling for me-kinda played dress up in his military uniforms.. I will post some of them tomorrow.. I can feel some pages coming on soon-hehe..

Happy Birthday Honey -and to all Marines..

Happy Veterans Day tomorrow to all men serving and all vets who have served.. I am so thank-ful to live in a FREE country. I am very proud to be a AMERICAN!!!!