Monday, May 10, 2010


This is a page I have been working on for a few days-it has been sitting on my scrapbooking table and I would do a little thing here and a little thing there.. I seen this page in one of my recent scrapbooking magazines-Not sure if it was creating keepsakes or scrapbooks etcs. BUT when I seen they had used this TWEEN rub-on that I already had I had to make this page asap. Her journaling even matched my pictures to a T. hehe.. one thing I have to have on all my pages but something I dont feel I am very good at-shew!! I struggle to put down in words what I want to say so bad.. These pictures were taken this fall by Wendy Baisden These are my favorite pictures I think she has ever taken of her-with her homecoming pictures running in a close 2nd.. I made my pink flower with my snow angel glimmermist-it was creme to start with-i love the way it turned out =such a pretty pink. I got the journaling card at my friends local scrapbook store, the Open Book. This is my daughter in her volleyball jersey and her cheerleading warm-up. She is only in 6th Grade but these pictures make her look so much older I think.. I love the way the page turned out.. My girl is truely my heart...
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!


Anonymous said...

this page is so dang cute !!!

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

it turned out really pretty-i love those little journaling cards too-we only have a million of them-so we need to start using them-hehe... The glimmer mist on the flower is great too!! lol
i gotta try the smooth spray next!!

loujustice said...

I love your stuff :)

Anonymous said...

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