Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pauley Bridge

It was a beautiful morning here in the coal fields of southern West Virginia & Easter Kentucky. I had to take my daughter to Pikeville, Ky to have her braces tighten for the month and we decided to go to local photo spot for some pictures. . My daughter had one of her best friends, Carrigan with her. So we had a good time snapping pictures and goofing off. Here are Kandis and Carrigan at the beginning of the bridge.

Kandis and nothing but sky!!.

Carrigan with the pretty bridge all in it's background.

My girl being all prissy as usual.

Their school teacher that they both had and loved, Mrs Starr, said they were 2 peas in a pod, BUT u gotta love them-hehe..

One of my favorites of Kandis..

U gotta do Kissy Lips-always~!

Beautiful picture of my girls!!

Love IT!

She loves taking pictures and her Mommy loves taking them of her-hehe

Go ahead Carrigan and throw her over!!!! lol

Gotta end the photo shoot with a gangta picture!!

Now I have tons of new pictures to scrapbook, YAY ME!!!

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