Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Soooo busy!

So I have been meaning to blog now for awhile and I just havent had any time... SO instead of putting several different blogs with all kinds of pictures from each thing that I have been doing over the last month-I decided to post maybe 1 or 2 from each thing to explain and show-how busy my daughter keeps me-hehe!! I am posting pictures starting with the most recent .. This is a picture taken last night-March 23, 2010 at our County's Reading Festival.. My daughter won 1st place out of her school. SO she got to go and represent her school and get a trophy. It wasnt a contest-just a show kinda-nice-fun-Entertainment.. I was very blessed to have my Daddy & Mom(aka-Grandma and Papaw) come. Then is my WINNER!! lol.. Then my Brother, aka Uncle James, and his fiance' Kim..
Here is a picture of my drama queen in action... She has won the Reading Festival out of her school 3 years in a row.. woot woot-I cant help but brag.. Her k-4 teacher always called her -her little drama queen - so true-lol.
So last Thursday, March 18, Kandis' class and a few other classes traveled to COSI in Columbus Ohio.. So of course I went.. We stayed all night-we slept in the floor in the hall way-thank goodness that parents and teachers were allowed to bring air mattresses-hehe... I didnt get but 45 mins of sleep but it was only becuz' we had 2 snorers in our group-haha.. BIG snorer-yick!! haha If there is ever a next time-I will have my wax ear plugs with me-I so forgot them..
COSI had a high wire you could ride across on a unicycle with NO nets or nothing attached to U to catch U incase U couldnt make it... The weight on the bottom balanced it out.. If U were 250 pounds or under U could ride it.. Of course I had to ride it too-lol.. BUT here is my daughter. She was scared but not scared-she was funny... It was like riding a bike up a hill but backwards when u were going backwards.. so fun and so weird to think how it worked??
SO we were suppose to have our Homecoming at school toward the end of Febuary but we had so much snow it was postponed until March 9. It takes us a awhole week to get all of our homecoming stuff in..My daughter made 6th grade attendant.. She goes to a Christian School that is how come it starts at 6th grade with the attendants(middle school). So above is one of the days they had a pagent at school introducing the attendants and Queen nominees-so the kids could vote for Queen. My baby was so pretty... She is the one that is all little in the front with the sparkle skirt on-hehe... She has HIGH heels on and is still so tiny-ha

Then above is the SPORTS banquet we had at school on March 15.. Kandis' played girls volleyball for JV and occassionally for the high school. This makes her 2nd year and she ROCKS.. She is getting sooooo good.. She is soo little but can bust that ball right over the net.. She got her volleyball award for participation .. Then she got the most improved volleyball player this trophy.. yay!! Then she got a participation award for cheerleading.. She has also cheered for 2 years.. She cheers for both the JV and High School becuz we dont as many girls on both.. I am glad sports are finally over.. We have been playing or practicing sports since August and ready for a big break!!

So this is pictures of Kandis the day of the Homecoming Dance, on March 9th.. I somehow mixed the pictures up here.. She has the cutest lil boyfriend-but I wanted to post this picture my friend, Wendy took of her before we went to the dance.. It is so pretty.. My friend, Belinda Owens, did her hair-took almost 2 hours to curl all that hair.. So glad it wasnt me curling it-haha.. She was soo beautiful!!
So then of course if U have a homecoming dance U have to have a homecoming game and crown a queen right-haha.. So on March 8, we had the homecoming game. Before the game we did all the homecoming activites and Kandis' Daddy walked her out on the court.. What a proud Mommy and Wife I was.. They both looked so good.. I had to get a picture of them looking so good-haha... We WON Our game too-great way to END a season!!
Then finally me and Wendy ran off to Louisville, Ky to the CKC there.. I bought way too much and havent got to scrapbook but a page and half since I have been home and that was Febuary 26 & 27.. BUT it is as much fun going to something like that and buying all the stuff as using it-hehe.. BUT hopefully soon, U all will see scrapbook pages with these pictures on them pluse many more from these days out of the last month...
SO I am off again-just to bed this time-haha... so much to do-so little time-HURRY UP summer!!
or at least Spring Break-haha

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